Engage and Retain Millennials in 3 Steps

by Genevieve Carlton, Talent Management Consultant, Caliper

In light of this, you may be tempted, like several of my clients, to focus your hiring on more experienced workers as opposed to recruiting talented younger candidates who you can train and develop. However, if you opt for that strategy, it may prove to be a short-lived option, given that Millennials have now overtaken the Baby Boomer generation as America’s largest generation; Millennials already form 25% of the workforce in the U.S. and, by 2020, will make up 50% of the global workforce. Clearly, if growth is in your company’s near future, engaging and retaining Millennials are key challenges.

The Good News…

So, you might find it comforting to learn that, given the size and diverse nature of this cohort, there’s a bright side to the picture that isn’t always captured by the media. The key to recruiting Millennials—and then retaining them—is to know what characteristics and motivators your roles require so you can design your hiring process to identify those things. Next, it is important to identify your company culture accurately and to understand what it offers a new hire. After you have that information, you can use that to help you identify the candidates who are the best possible fit.
Here is the first of three rules to help you with that process:

The 1st rule of engagement: Understand what motivates them.

Millennials are looking for meaningfulness at work. Many Millennials look to work for organizations that will fit their social lifestyle and provide them with a sense of purpose.
Offering flextime opportunities, opportunities to attend social events with coworkers, and the ability to work in a collaborative space or showing them exactly how their work impacts the big picture will provide a sense of motivation to this generation.
In her role as a talent management consultant, Genevieve Carlton consults with clients in private industry, government, and higher education.

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