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Top 20 HR Strange But True Stories for 2016, Part 2

In yesterday’s HRSBT, we counted down the top 20 HRSBT stories of 2016. Here are the remaining 10!

Top 10

#10: Mulching Your Yard Wasn’t in My Job Description, But I’ll Do It Anyway!

Administrative professionals consist of secretaries, administrative assistants, receptionists, and other administrative support professionals. They typically work in an office environment and are there to assist employers in administrative functions. However, sometimes employers take administrative professionals for granted and end up treating them like personal assistants, rather than the professionals that they are!

#9: You May Be Smart as a Cookie, but Your Ability to Focus is Pretty ‘Crumby’

Look around your office. Are your employees slacking off? Or are they actively engaged in what they’re doing? If you’ve noticed your employees are constantly checking e-mail, or doing something that isn’t work-related, don’t rush to hand them a pink slip just yet! New research shows that the smarter you are, the harder it is for you to focus!

#8: ’Tis But a Scratch! Do I Still Have to File an OSHA Claim?

In the movie, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, the Black Knight (played by John Cleese) sustains an injury while guarding a bridge—literally just a piece of wood—and proclaims, “’Tis but a scratch!” The scratch, in fact, turns out to be a complete amputation of his left arm, but that doesn’t stop him from guarding his bridge against King Arthur.

#7: Smell Harassment: Yes, That’s a Real Thing and There Is Training for It

What is smell harassment? There is no formal definition of this term, at least where Merriam-Webster is concerned. However, it can be defined as a person—or group of people—who is offended by the way another person smells, particularly via a person’s body odor or bad breath. This touchy subject can also open Pandora’s Box for discrimination-related claims, so how can HR handle this stinky situation?

#6: Stolen Family Photo Costs Candidate the Job

The Discovery Channel recently aired its new series, “Deadliest Job Interview,” and while that makes for a good HRSBT in itself, it also reminds us of CareerBuilder’s annual survey related to the strangest things HR personnel have experienced while interviewing potential candidates.

#5: Is Vegan Discrimination a Real Thing?

In the case of one Portland, Oregon, doughnut shop, the answer to this question is, “Yes, vegan discrimination is a real thing.” However, the owner of the company has done his HR homework and covered his bases to avoid a charge of unlawful discrimination based on disability or religion.

#4:  My Lizard Just Died. Do I Still Have To Go To Work?

Here in New England, we’re used to long, snowy winters, but this year we’re just beginning to see snow, and it’s been very mild. This means we haven’t had too many excuses to be late to work. However, that hasn’t stopped CareerBuilder® from compiling its annual list of the most outrageous excuses for being late to work!

#3: ‘Paw-ternity’ Leave: The Next Trend in Employee Benefits?

Employers everywhere are looking for new ways to attract and retain talent. While companies like Facebook and Apple® are offering to freeze its female employees’ eggs as a way to recruit more diverse talent, other companies are jumping on the crazy train and offering even weirder workplace perks.

#2: New Teambuilding Program Helps Coworkers ‘Bond’

Teambuilding exercises, if done right, can help bring your employees closer together; creating a more unified front! And for all you James Bond fans, a new program has caught the attention of Fortune 500 companies with its unique approach. The program helps companies train and motivate their employees through a series of Secret Agent spy games. It starts by kidnapping your company’s boss!

And the #1 HRSBT story of 2016 is … drumroll please …

Will ‘High Heel Detox’ Have Your Workers Go Flat?

Since the rise of Carrie Bradshaw, red carpet “shoe cams,” and office chic signaled by signature red soles, women became obsessed with high heels—and the thinner the heel, the better. But now the stiletto bubble may soon deflate as women go into “high heel detox.”

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