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HR Works Podcast: Workplace Violence Prevention and Readiness Essentials


It’s hard to listen to the news without hearing about an act of violence, and an unfortunate number of those happen in the workplace. No employer or employee is immune from becoming a victim, and many employers are “soft targets” for violence. But it’s hard to know exactly what steps to take to protect your workers. To help us with practical tips, we’ve asked Michael Miele to join us.

Miele, the Northeast Sub Regional EHS Manager for EATON Corporation, has 36 years of experience in manufacturing environments and a Masters of Professional Studies in  Homeland Security from the University of Connecticut.

In this episode of HR Works:  The Podcast for Human Resources, he explains how you can “harden” your facility or office  so it’s less vulnerable, discusses the most effective anti-violence measures employers can take, and much more.

Editor’s Note: BLR’s Workplace Violence Prevention Symposium 2017, being held March 2-3 in Orlando, features an all-new agenda outlining tactical strategies for reducing the risk of security breaches, workplace violence, and legal liabilities through powerful keynotes, substantive breakout sessions, and skills-building workshops. Learn more at