Good News for Employers Seeking Hourly Workers: 24% of Americans Are Looking for a Job

A recent survey has found that although the national unemployment rate is cited at a low 4.4% (June 2017) by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, nearly 1 in 4 Americans report that they are looking for a job.

Fluent, a data-driven marketing company, who conducted the survey among 2,896 Americans in July, explains that “high wage jobs, such as factory work, continue to be automated or shipped overseas, driving workers into the service sector… This trend illustrates vast underemployment in the workforce and an opportunity for employers to hire hourly wage workers with appropriate incentives.”

So what kind of employment are Americans seeking and where are they looking?

 The survey found that while most (59%) of Americans currently looking for a job are seeking full-time employment, 47% would settle for a part time job.  Other interesting findings among those looking for work:

  • 54% would be willing to take on a job that doesn’t provide health insurance benefits
  • 61% would consider working a job with non-standard hours, such as weekends or weeknights
  • 52% said they would consider taking on seasonal work

The survey further inquired about what incentives job seekers are looking for in a job:  Guaranteed income (61%) topped the list, followed by health insurance (44%).

Skills and Certification

Only 19% of job seekers reported they would not consider a job that required them to get certification, while 38% said they would, and 43% responded “Maybe.”  Of those who would maybe consider a job that required certification, 47% said they’d be enticed by the opportunity to obtain certification while on the job and 44% said they’d consider such a job if there was no fee for the certification.

Meanwhile, Fluent reports that nearly 60% of job seekers are willing to consider low- to mid-skill jobs that do not require any specific education or experience.  The most preferred such jobs identified by those looking for work were warehouse stockroom worker (considered by 34% of respondents), cashier at a restaurant or store (26%), hotel cleaning staff (22%), server in a restaurant or catered events (21%) or home cleaning services (21%).

Where Are Job Seekers Seeking Jobs?

 Fluent reports that 61% of those seeking work are turning to job websites for their searches.  Perhaps more surprisingly is that 44% say they are turning to social media to look for job opportunities.  Fluent says this “signals an opportunity for employers to broaden the scope of their recruitment tactics.” Other sources job seekers are using include:

  • Word of mouth—37%
  • Help wanted signs on business—29%
  • Ads on TV, radio or print—27%
  • Recruiters—21%


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