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8 Signs You Need a New Learning Management System Right Now (Part 2)

Continuing from yesterday’s post, here are the four additional telltale signs that you need a new Learning Management System (LMS) immediately.

5.  It Starts to Cost More and Is Difficult to Scale

Sometimes you can update your LMS by purchasing additional integrations, services, and capabilities from your current LMS vendor. However, if you notice that costs start to skyrocket as your organization scales and you gain more users over time, it may be time to search for a new LMS vendor that has all the functionality you’ll need instead of continuing to pay more for additions you need to implement. Overall, your LMS should continue to yield a high return on investment and should never cost more than the returns your organization sees from using it.

6. Instructors and Learners Are Using Other Platforms

If you notice that your instructors are using other tools to author or evaluate learning content, it’s probably time to get a new LMS that has all the capabilities and functionality they need to do their jobs better. And if you notice that your learners aren’t using your LMS as often as they used to and that they’re relying on other resources for their learning and development materials, it’s time to consider implementing an LMS. Be sure to implement an LMS platform that constantly improves the professional lives of your instructors and learners, not one that provides no value to them.

7. Its Reporting Capabilities Are Insufficient or Limited

You should be able to track each learner’s progress inside your LMS. And you should be able to access advanced reporting that tells you exactly how impactful your courses are at any given moment, as well as reporting that provides detailed insight into your learners’ behavior and experiences. If your LMS does not offer advanced reporting, you’ll never be able to use real data to consistently improve your courses and course offerings.

8. Its Integrations Are Out of Date and New Integrations Can’t Be Implemented

Your LMS should be easy to update when new advances in technology are introduced to and used across the e-learning industry. You should be able to add or upgrade any integrations or capabilities to your LMS that are widely available in the marketplace. For example, virtual reality, simulated experiences, mobile-enhanced experiences, and machine learning will be critical to staying ahead in e-learning in 2018 and beyond. Ensure your LMS will be able to keep up with and adapt to new advances in technology as they are released and adopted by other organizations that also utilize LMS platforms for their employees to safeguard your organization’s competitive edge.
Heed the telltale signs that you need a new LMS to ensure the success of your entire organization today and tomorrow.

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