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Do New Hires Have to Have Leadership Qualities?

According to research conducted by Gallup, only 1 in 10 people possess the talent to manage others, and companies fail to choose the right candidate for managerial and leadership roles 82% of the time. This means most organizations still have a long way to go when selecting their leaders and management staff.

Gallup also discovered that successful leaders and top performers in every imaginable role—from elite military personnel and teachers to bank tellers and truck drivers—all own five similar traits and qualities, listed below.

Both leaders and top performers:

  1. Motivate

Employees who are constantly motivating their teams and themselves while working on various types of projects are very adept leaders. They are self-motivated and don’t have to wait for someone to give them things to do. And they have a knack for recognizing how to get others on their team to perform at optimal levels by focusing on those team members’ strengths and what they’re good at. They are always searching for ways to deliver better results and performance.

  1. Exhibit Assertiveness

Leaders and top performers across organizations are confident and not afraid to figure out innovative ways to overcome challenges and obstacles. They are always the first individuals to step up and voice their opinions and evidence for how something can be bettered or improved. They aren’t intimidated by resistance or differing viewpoints. In fact, they encourage open dialogue and constructive criticism.

  1. Are Highly Accountable

Individuals who have a talent for leadership don’t wait for someone to tell them what to do or blame others when something goes wrong or when they’re faced with setbacks. Instead, they create structured workflows, processes, and teams to manage when possible. They are highly organized and ensure their team members fully understand what’s expected of them, while adapting whenever there are changes to workflows and processes.

  1. Build Strong Relationships

Great leaders have team-oriented attitudes, regardless of their roles within an organization. They are positive, engaged, and know how to create an environment that’s collaborative and respectful. They encourage others to collaborate with one another across teams and departments, too. And they forge strong relationships built on trust and understanding with partners and clients as well.

  1. Make Good Decisions

People who are analytical and decisive make for very effective leaders and employees. They are able to think ahead, strategize, and plan for contingencies. But they’re also observant and able to balance current competing possibilities. They’re highly skilled at solving complex problems and never shy away from issues and inquiries that arise.

So, should all new hires have leadership qualities? The answer is, undoubtedly, yes—especially if you want a staff of top performers across your organization.


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