Accounting, Finance, and IT Roles: More Industries Report Open Positions for Q3 2018

We’ve previously reported on the construction industry and the manufacturing industry’s struggle to fill open roles, and new data—released by Brilliant™, a  staffing and management resources firm specializing in accounting, finance, and information technology (IT)—shows that the accounting, finance, and IT industries are also reporting the same challenges to find top talent.  hiring
The 2018 Hiring Forecast indicates a widespread number of open positions in accounting, finance, and IT heading into the third quarter of 2018. Further, businesses are planning to increase their hiring over the next 12 months, especially IT roles.
The Brilliant Q3 2018 Hiring Forecast, produced with Dr. Richard Curtin, Director of Consumer Surveys at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, studies the hiring trends and business factors affecting accounting, finance, and IT professionals for the Greater Chicago and South Florida labor markets.
The study finds 37% of businesses are reporting unfilled positions in accounting and finance, and 35% are reporting openings in IT. For accounting and finance, the number remained the same from last quarter, while the percentage of openings in IT increased from 28% last quarter.
Dr. Richard Curtin explains, “Just over one-third of all human resources professionals and hiring managers who were surveyed reported unfilled jobs in accounting, finance and IT.” He continues, “The number of open accounting and finance positions was as frequent as last quarter (37%), while the number of open IT jobs (35%) rose to the highest level since Q4 2016.”
Brilliant CEO Jeff Mariola adds, “Our study brings important insight into the future of the accounting, finance and IT professions, and the overall health of the labor market. We remain optimistic that consistent and elevated numbers of open positions and plans to hire indicate continued growth – at least in the near term.”
The Brilliant Q3 2018 Hiring Forecast survey was conducted between April 26, 2018, and May 14, 2018. Close to 300 Human Resources professionals and hiring managers participated in the study. To download the Brilliant Q3 2018 Accounting, Finance, and Information Technology Hiring Forecast, click here.