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When L&D Professionals Should Outsource Help

Whether we like to admit it or not, we all need help sometimes at work. Continue reading to see times when, as an L&D professional, you should consider outsourcing help.


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When Your Department or Organization Is Going Through a Huge Change

Did you know that 70% of change initiatives fail in organizations because they don’t have change management programs in place? If your L&D department is implementing a new technology, system, or policy, seek out the help of a change management expert.
Make sure you set your team and others across your organization up for success by ensuring that all changes you implement are carried out successfully. Having a well-designed change management strategy in place will build trust and transparency, encourage collaboration and innovation, and ensure each employee’s best work quality. And it will ensure that your new change will be successful and last.

When You Don’t Have Enough Resources to Create Learning Content

Unfortunately, you won’t always have the budget you want to hire full-time experts to create high-quality learning content. And you won’t always have the budget to acquire the technology you need to create high-quality learning content either.
When such times arise, you should consider outsourcing your learning content needs to experts who can create the content with their own resources and then submit their deliverables to you for a fee. Or, you can invest in content curation software that allows you to curate high-quality learning content from various reputable resources—content that your department doesn’t have the current capacity to create on its own.

When You’re Dabbling in New L&D Arenas You Aren’t Familiar with Yet

Over time, we become familiar with certain types of technology and certain types of learning content and how we conduct L&D initiatives. But things are always changing, especially with how quickly technology changes nowadays.
For instance, social media platforms, mobile apps, and video content didn’t exist a decade ago the way they do now in the L&D arena. So, if you find yourself confronting a new type of L&D strategy, trend, technology, etc., that you aren’t familiar with yet, talk to and rely on an expert who is until you get the hang of it, especially if you aren’t at all comfortable with your aptitude to figure it out on your own.
If you ever find yourself in one of the scenarios above, just remember that it’s better to seek out help and have your L&D efforts and programs succeed than to try to do it all yourself and waste a lot of time and valuable resources.