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Why Everyone in Your Organization Needs to Be Trained in Customer Service

According to Salesforce, customer service is the number one factor influencing how much a consumer trusts a company. And it’s not just external customer service (customer-facing interactions) that plays a factor in whether a consumer views an organization favorably either; it also includes customer service that reaches across an entire organization’s interior too.


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Here’s why everyone in your organization needs to be trained in customer service.

Guarantees Operational Efficiency and Consistency

When all your employees are trained in customer service, they’ll be on the same page regarding what each customer needs and requests, as well as common customer complaints and concerns that are reported and how to address each one. This will allow each employee, regardless of his or her role, to provide the same level of support and customer care when handling products, e-mails, phone calls, etc.
And this will offer each customer a smooth and consistent experience. In addition, each employee who offers internal support service will be able to provide his or her team with exceptional customer service, too, when working on internal projects.

Inspires Positive Communication Across Departments

When each employee is held accountable for customer satisfaction ratings and reviews, each employee will have a better perspective surrounding how his or her role will affect each customer and his or her experience. For instance, employees who package products in a warehouse will understand how their role and what they do affect customers and their overall experience when they open their newly purchased item.
In the long run, this will alleviate some of the pressure on sales reps and customer care reps, who constantly field customer concerns and complaints, and will increase the amount of understanding across departments. And when employees are more empathetic to and understanding of one another’s perspective and role, smoother and more positive communications will result.

Maintains Your Organization’s Positive Reputation

According to Salesforce, most customers will buy products or services from different companies or abandon online orders altogether if they have a bad experience with your company or brand. And customers with bad experiences are also much more likely to tell others about their bad experiences with your company or brand than they are to tell others about a positive experience they’ve had.
So, make sure everyone from your product manager to your sales reps are well-versed in your customer service policies and strategies so that each one of your customers is guaranteed a positive and uniform experience.
Overall, if you can retain your customers long term, attract new customers on a consistent basis, and improve communications and operations across your organization via comprehensive customer service training, you’ll be able to increase your organization’s bottom line.