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New App Helps Improve Employee Sleep

The sleep-deprived business professional is a bit of a cliché in modern culture. We often expect to see businesspeople and other professionals spending long hours and late nights to earn their success. And regardless of why the employee may be sleep deprived, from a company perspective, why does it matter how much sleep the employee is getting?


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Bottom-Line Impacts from Lack of Sleep

Sleep patterns have real and significant financial impacts on the economy. HR Technologist writes that “in the US, over 30% of the adult population suffers from sleep problems, and it is estimated that 50-70 million Americans have a sleep disorder that affects their health and quality of life. Insufficient sleep alone costs the US economy over $400 billion a year, and sleep problems among employees having huge financial implications on employers.”
HR Technologist also reports that sleep solution provider dayzz recently launched a sleep training app built for enterprise workforces, which will help improve sleep while reducing employer costs related to decreased productivity.

There’s an App for That

“Along with proper nutrition and exercise, getting quality sleep is an important pillar of health,” says HR Technologist. “dayzz has created a personalized sleep training app that evaluates a number of sleep issues and offers a complete, holistic sleep improvement solution. It is a unique new service in the sleep app landscape, relying on evidence-based protocols and backed by leading physicians and therapists. Treating sleep problems takes more than a single solution, and each one needs to be tailored to each user’s lifestyle and sleep needs.”
The dayzz program starts with an initial sleep assessment and monitors users over 24-hour periods to provide a sleep training program unique to each user. The program offers feedback and guidelines related to daytime, nighttime, mind, and environment using big data to identify nuances in movement patterns and behavior. The plan adapts to changes in training progress and personal needs.
How an employee sleeps might seem like none of a company’s business, and companies certainly shouldn’t be inappropriately prying into an employee’s personal life. However, sleep problems are directly related to real-world and real-money impacts, and companies have an interest in making sure employees are well rested and ready to work.
Apps like dayzz may be a good solution to help employees do this without any intrusive employer intervention.

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