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6 Types of Assessments Your Employees Need

Did you know that 53% of employers admit that they don’t actively track improved employee performance, even though 43% of highly engaged employees receive feedback on their performance at least once a week? And companies that implement regular employee feedback have turnover rates that are 14.9% lower than companies that don’t implement regular feedback.feedback
When employees regularly complete different assessments or you complete assessments on their behalf, you’re able to gain and share insight into their performance, as well as provide valuable feedback and opportunities for improvement.
Here are six types of assessments your employees need.

1. Cognitive and Personality Assessments

When you’re interviewing internal or external candidates for various roles across your organization, cognitive and personality assessments will help you evaluate whether an employee or candidate is the right fit. And if he or she isn’t, you’ll still be able to gain insight into what other roles would fit his or her intellectual capacity and personality.
With these types of assessments, you’re able to find ideal roles and responsibilities for your top candidates and employees.

2. Motivational Assessments

Motivational assessments help you identify what motivates your employees to work and learn and whether they want more flexible work options, better benefits, better compensation, more recognition, or something else.
These assessments should be conducted periodically because what motivates employees will change as they progress through their careers and life.

3. Performance-Based Assessments

Employees should have set performance standards to regularly reach for their current roles. For instance, sales employees might have certain sales quotas to meet, customer services representatives might have a customer satisfaction rating to reach, and so on. Just make sure every employee is aware of what the performance requirements are before he or she is evaluated.

4. Assessments for Cultural Fit

If your company is able to exceed its customers’ expectations, then your prospective employees should be assessed in their customer service abilities. If your company is focused on product innovation, then your prospective employees should be innovative and forward thinking.
Cultural-fit assessments ensure that your employees fit in and work well together as they enhance your company’s objectives and goals.

5. Client-Based and Customer-Based Assessments

To evaluate how your employees work with your clients or customers, ask your clients or customers what they think about your employees’ performance.
Client feedback can be invaluable in ensuring your employees are  meeting your clients’ and customers’ needs and expectations. Without these assessments, you won’t know if your employees are unintentionally frustrating or alienating your clients and customers.

6. Assessments by Coworkers and Managers

Each employee should be evaluated by a manager and peers to see how he or she performs on an everyday basis. Such assessments will provide employees with opportunities to perfect their time management, communication skills, and more.
Rely on the six types of assessments above to retain your employees and improve their performance.