3 Game-Changers in the L&D Industry

As you may already be aware, learning and development (L&D) will be one of the most innovative departments over the course of the next decade, primarily because of the new technology that L&D departments will use and implement moving forward.


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This game-changing technology continues to mold the modern-day workplace. Below are three main game-changers in the L&D industry that you’ll want to know about and implement, if you haven’t already.

1. Cloud-Based LMS and Learning Platforms

Cloud-based learning management systems (LMSs) allow L&D departments to offer more personalized learning experiences to their learners in real time while learners are on the go. And they allow L&D professionals to sync their learning systems, apps, and platforms so that their learners have more comprehensive learning experiences across these devices and platforms.
By syncing these platforms, trainers will have comprehensive profiles and data about their learners. Cloud-based LMS and learning platforms also offer detailed learner analytics and reporting that are invaluable to maintaining and improving learners’ experiences and future courses or programs.
For more insight, read “Why It’s Important to Have a Cloud-Based LMS.”

2. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning

Without AI, LMSs wouldn’t be able to provide more personalized learning experiences. AI technology can be used to better understand learner behavior and predict what a learner will need or want to learn in the future.
AI-driven learning platforms can also be programmed to respond to learners’ personal learning journeys and career maps and interests. This technology can use geolocation data to offer support to an employee before a certain activity (i.e., before he or she interviews for a promotion) and can interact with employee learners via chatbots.
AI is so powerful in its effectiveness that employees are now beginning to expect their employers to provide them with the adaptive and personalized learning environments that AI-driven technology offers.

3. Mobile Technology and Apps

Mobile technology and apps have made it possible for employee learners everywhere to access L&D content and experiences at their own convenience. Such technology has also made it easier for L&D professionals to reach and motivate many of their employee learners.
This technology has allowed L&D departments to become more learner-centric and adaptive. Instead of focusing on what learning content to push out, they are more focused on what content and mobile environments their mobile learners will want to engage with on an ongoing basis.
Mobile technology has also allowed organizations to save a lot of money when they implement bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies. For more information, read “How to Implement Mobile Learning Across Your Organization and “Mobile Learning Trends for 2019.”
Be sure to consider the three game-changers listed above when you work to improve your L&D strategies and programs.

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