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7 Ways to Improve Your Employees’ Experiences

The research and statistics are in, revealing that employees’ experiences are critical to their engagement levels, productivity, and overall willingness to stay with an organization long term. This makes employees’ experiences critical to the overall success and profitability of an organization.


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Here are seven ways you can improve your employees’ experiences to improve your organization’s success and profitability.

1. Include Employees in Important Decisions

According to research, employees who feel that their voices are heard are 4.6 times more likely to feel empowered to complete their best work. And employees are more likely to do a good job when there’s open communication and they feel their work has purpose and meaning. So, improve your employees’ experiences by soliciting their feedback and including them in important decisions.

2. Show Employees Appreciation

Employees want to be appreciated more than they want promotions and raises, so if you want to improve their experiences at your organization, intentionally show your employees that you value their ideas, work, time, and abilities.

3. Give Employees Challenging Work

Employees are often disengaged and less productive at work because they’re bored. If you want to improve their experiences and productivity, give them work that is challenging but reasonable for them to complete.

4. Develop Career Maps and Long-Term Paths

Employees who see a bright professional future with your organization are much more likely to have better experiences and more likely to want to stay at your organization. So, develop long-term career paths and career maps for your employees to improve their experiences.

5. Offer Meaningful Benefits

Instead of offering break rooms with game tables and free smoothies, offer employees meaningful benefits that allow them to de-stress and stay productive while they’re working. Offer flexible work arrangements and schedules, child care, postsecondary education plans, mental health, financial health programs, etc.
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6. Implement Gamified and Personalized L&D

According to research, 90% of employees are more productive with gamification; 72% of employees reported that gamification inspired them to work harder, and 95% stated that they enjoyed it. And other research shows that personalized learning and development (L&D) is vital to employees’ engagement and experiences.

7. Train Better Leaders

Research continues to reveal that bosses stress employees out more than anything else and that employees leave bosses, not the organization, when they quit a job. So, if you want your employees to have better experiences at your organization, invest in training better leaders.
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 If you want to improve your employees’ experiences, be sure to do one or more of the things mentioned above.

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