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5 Key Elements Behind a Successful Mobile Learning Strategy

Ready or not, mobile learning will be a $70 billion industry this year, and it’s only gaining popularity across workplaces, with most organizations planning to implement a mobile learning strategy soon, if they haven’t already done so.


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If you want your mobile learning initiatives and programs to be successful, here are five key elements you’ll want to incorporate into your mobile learning strategy as soon as possible.

1. Microlearning

Microlearning elements must be incorporated into your mobile learning strategies for them to be successful. This will ensure that learning content is tailored to mobile learners who are on the go and easily distracted. But it must be implemented properly if it’s to remain effective.

2. Social Learning

With the advent of social media platforms and social media apps, employees are becoming more and more social at work, too, especially when they’re on their mobile devices. So, be sure to incorporate social learning experiences with mobile learning experiences if you want your mobile learning strategies to remain successful.

3. Interactive Experiences

To keep your mobile learning strategies engaging, make sure that learners’ apps and learning experiences are interactive. Include gamified elements, provide assessments and surveys, host live webinars or podcasts, etc. Also, consider implementing monetized learning content.

4. Engaging Video Content

It’s officially time to embrace and include engaging video content in your organization’s mobile learning strategy. Video content is easy to access on mobile devices, and your learners will be searching for it regardless of whether you offer it. Video content is also easier to curate, share, and repurpose and can be better for knowledge retention.

5. Learner-Centric and Mobile-First Apps

App-based learning and mobile-first design are two important trends to consider for mobile learning strategies in 2019. As it is, most employees and employers already leverage mobile devices for learning and everyday work and expect customized and engaging learning experiences on mobile.

So, mobile learning apps must be designed and implemented with the learner in mind and with a mobile-first approach if they’re going to be effective and consistently yield a high return on investment (ROI).

If you want your mobile learning strategy to be successful, be sure to remember the five elements above.

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