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Moves and Skills Employers Should Look for When Hiring in Tough Times

Indeed, looking for a new job and switching careers seem impossible when most companies are downsizing or laying off employees. But the reality is that a lot of persevering organizations remain on the lookout for talents that will stay with them through the good times and bad. They are looking for excellent employees to help them weather the storm and rise to great heights again.hiring

Therefore, many of them take a more conservative and stringent approach to hiring. It’s no longer enough for candidates to have the educational background that conventionally makes them fit for a position. It’s imperative to probe deeper into other factors that make a job candidate a true match for the company.

Therefore, if your company is presenting some of the most sought-after and latest jobs, here are the right moves and skills to keep an eye out for when hiring new employees.

5 Must-Have Skills

1. Communication skills. Standing out in any job is possible through strong communication skills. These indicate a talent not only has the ability to convey messages clearly and quickly but also processes information accurately so the appropriate actions can be carried out. These people can serve as the company’s movers and shakers.

2. Marketing skills. Marketing skills are important in any type of job. They are necessary for achieving company goals, and this can come into display during the hiring process when candidates present themselves as valuable to the organization.

An applicant with strong marketing skills can emphasize the importance of his or her experience and expertise by helping employers realize the weak points of their operations that he or she can effectively cover. This indicates a level of confidence the company can utilize in either ensuring continuous operation or revolutionizing business dynamics.

3. Research skills. Research skills are integral to the progress of business organizations. Fact-finding initiatives are the core for successful improvements. Therefore, job applicants who possess these skills are certainly worth considering, especially if your operations are trying to outwork the strain of an economic recession or bounce back from it.

You’ll get a sense of someone’s research skills through his or her understanding of what the company is all about, as well as his or her extensive knowledge of the job position.

4. Problem-solving skills. Problem-solving skills go hand in hand with research skills, and these are crucial in overcoming one of the most common faults of a lot of businesses, which is having a myopic view of their processes.

You can always trust those with excellent problem-solving skills to take a step back and evaluate the big picture so they can come up with effective solutions to the company’s setbacks. These skills usually come in full display in written tests and interviews.

5. Culture of learning. A candidate’s personal culture of learning shows that he or she has a continuous desire to improve. This is a vital quality to look for when hiring new employees. You know a person possesses a culture of learning if he or she has a diverse skill set and has taken part in a variety of training programs.

Dedicated learners are valuable assets because their skills go beyond what their job description demands. They can be flexible members of the organization, decreasing the need for additional employees or for outsourcing certain tasks. Sharing economy becomes possible, which secures productivity, builds stronger ties within the company, and keeps operational costs low.

The Right Moves

1. Networking. Is the candidate a referral, a former intern, or someone who worked in a volunteer program your company took part in? The kind of connection the candidate made with your company is something to take into great account.

If the connection was made through networking, this means he or she takes initiative and is able to feed off the energy of other people and stay connected because of an awareness that every connection made can present an opportunity for a new job.

Networking is the move of an opportunity detective, which is always an asset for any company.

2. Risk-taking. Risk-taking shows that a person is open to possibilities and sees that going for the jugular can truly pay off. Remember that it’s always the smart risk-takers who succeed in a big way. It’s nice to have such personalities in the organization because they can refresh and bring vigor to operations—something you want to do during economically troubling times.

3. Transferring knowledge. We believe one of the most impressive moves job candidates can demonstrate is the desire to transfer knowledge. This shows commitment to improvement and development. When an applicant reveals that he or she can share what he or she knows with coworkers who don’t, it means he or she wants high standards for the company.

With higher standards, sharing economy in the operations becomes a breeze, and the company stands to see improvements with productivity and quality of services.

4. Playing to strengths. Candidates who highlight their best qualities tend to offer something truly impressive, and your organization can benefit from truly exceptional skills. For example, an applicant for an accountant’s position says he or she has strong math skills and was a Math Olympiad champion. In addition, he or she is also an expert in the latest digital accounting software.

You have in your hands a true talent who can expedite the processing of requirements, as well as ensure the accuracy and organization of all your financial records. You can’t let such a talent slip through your fingers because there genuinely is a vast difference between someone who can and an expert or a specialist.

During a time of immense uncertainty, employers must be discerning. Thus, if you are looking to hire new employees for your company, make sure they possess the right skills, the willingness to improve, and a gut instinct for the best moves. With such people, you can confidently secure your business’s operations, even during a full-blown global economic recession.

David Mackenzie, a recruitment professional with over 20 years’ experience in the field and a record of entrepreneurial accomplishment, is Managing Director and Head of HR at Mackenzie Jones. As the group MD, Mackenzie is responsible for the overall direction of the Mackenzie Jones group, including Mackenzie Jones, MumsAtWork, MENA Solutions, Simply Digital, and ThinkTech.

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