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Data Show Disconnect Between Executives and Staff with Respect to Communication and Engagement

The cliché of the disconnected CEO and executive team is more or less accurate depending on the size of an organization and how hierarchical it is; but in general, it’s usually fair to say that CEOs and other company leaders aren’t always on the same page as frontline staff and even midlevel managers. That’s to be expected given the differences in roles and responsibilities; however, the gap can sometimes be surprising. The COVID-19 pandemic and shift to remote work in many companies have not made things any better.

The Impact of Remote Work on Productivity

Recent data from a Global Web Index survey conducted with Vimeo examine the impact remote work has had on employee productivity, efficiency, and engagement. The findings demonstrate there is a big disconnect between the C-suite and employees.

Some key findings of the study include: 

  • 54% of high-level execs say they stream major company updates at least weekly, yet only 20% of employees agree. 
  • 44% of high-level execs rated communication between leadership and staff as “excellent” pre-COVID-19; only 20% of employees felt the same.
  • 48% of high-level execs are completely confident they can maintain good communication between themselves and employees during the crisis; only 28% of employees agree. 
  • 44% of high-level execs are completely confident their companies can maintain employee engagement during COVID-19 conditions; only 25% of employees feel the same. 
  • 41% of high-level execs are completely confident they can provide adequate training and development for employees during the crisis; only 30% of HR professionals agree.

Interestingly, the survey also found that executives believe employees don’t read internal company updates, with one out of four executives and one out of three HR professionals suspecting this.

Communication Matters

Keeping staff engaged is a challenge in any company even in the best of times. Doing so while the bulk of the staff is working remotely amid a global pandemic and uncertain economic and political climates is that much more difficult. While many companies are making strong efforts to keep staff informed and engaged, data suggest many are still missing the mark.

Communication matters, especially in times of uncertainty, like now. What are you doing to ensure your employees are kept in the loop and up to date in ways that really resonate with them?

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