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That’s a Wrap on HR Employee Benefits Week 2022!

As HR Employee Benefits Week comes to a close, we want to look back at all the offering and events that transpired throughout this exciting event!


Feature Article | All Aboard: You Can’t Change Healthcare Unless Your Members Opt In

Why do half the people who need healthcare opt out, choosing not to utilize their healthcare benefits? It’s the foundational question that, despite recent expansions of employee benefits offerings and the litany of digital health point solutions, continues to frustrate benefits managers and their employers. In this feature article, Tanya Dillard, Vice President of Strategy and Innovation at Transcarent, looks at the challenge of employee engagement with their healthcare benefits and offers a solution to benefit fatigue and provides a solution to the challenging tides of employee engagement.

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Panel Discussion Why Fertility Benefits That Cover All Genders Are a Must-Have for 2022

Conversations around fertility benefits usually focus on addressing female infertility. And while that is a critical piece of the puzzle, people of all genders need support from fertility and family-forming resources. For around 30% of different-sex couples experiencing infertility, male-factor issues are the primary cause. Trans and non-binary people may have specific fertility needs but struggle to find physicians with the right experience. And fertility knowledge and support are important throughout life—not just in someone’s reproductive years. In this panel discussion, we’ll discuss how your company can provide inclusive fertility benefits that cover all genders—and ages—in 2022.

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HR Works Podcast | Guest Kerris Hougardy

Tune in for an exciting episode of our award-winning podcast, HR Works, where host Josh Zygmont interviews Kerris Hougardy, Head of People at Ada, an automation platform that powers brand interactions between companies and their customers. Learn how introducing key benefits and resources can provide a much-needed support system for employees as teams embark on a return to office settings throughout 2022.

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Educational Webinar | Student Loan Refinancing as an Employee Benefit

After multiple extensions, the Student Loan Payment & Interest Holiday is coming to an end on August 31, 2022. As a result, you can expect a large percentage of your employees may be required to resume payment and may begin accruing interest on federally held student loans for the first time in almost 2 years. It is highly likely that they will be looking for assistance. This session is aimed to educate you on the current student loan climate and detail how you can be a valuable resource for your employees by providing a no-cost, streamlined solution to their student loan problems. And by being in the minority of employers to offer a student loan benefit, we will outline how to effectively leverage them to enhance your talent retention and recruitment efforts.

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Ask The Expert | Employee Benefits Edition

Get the latest detailed guidance, tips, and tricks from the Ask the Expert feature on HR Hero®. This feature article will cover the most pressing questions HR professionals are currently asking.

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Educational Webinar | Advancing Health Equity in Employee Benefits

The COVID-19 pandemic magnified the healthcare system’s failures including its inequity. We can all use what we learned during this time to change and bring greater equity to healthcare. Join us to learn how you can help employees achieve their full health potential.

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“Faces of HR” Feature Interview | Best of Benefits

We look back at some of our favorite past Faces of HR guests and share their expert commentary and insights from the front lines of managing employee benefits and compensation. 

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Educational Webinar | One-Size-Fits-One: Delivering Personalized Benefits Your Employees Will Use

You put a lot of effort into choosing and then rolling out your employee benefits. How can you help ensure employees will use them? Individuals want more support from their workplace and may be willing to leave for a better benefits package. You want employees to know you’ve got robust offers that are easy to access and meet their personal needs.

Learn more from consumer and digital health experts at Onduo, to understand how employers have partnered to drive increased adoption of healthcare benefits and achieve stellar satisfaction scores. We’ll share tricks and tips you can incorporate into your own employee communications and demonstrate how vendors can help you deliver personalized employee experiences.

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Stay Tuned for More Exciting Events!

If you enjoyed this week’s event, mark your calendars for Recruiting & Talent Acquisition Week, from June 6 -10, 2022. Our free education event will cover today’s hottest HR topics and provide solutions for the toughest challenges. Register for this event, here, and stay tuned for exciting content!