Why Leveraging Innovative Apps Is a Powerful Recruiting Tool in Today’s Job Market

Today’s job market is completely transformed compared with years prior, as remote work has become a mainstay for countless organizations. Work arrangements are more flexible than ever before, and easy-to-use software tools are now available to streamline processes that were once impossible for nondevelopers to digitize. Meanwhile, the demands of jobseekers have drastically changed as they pursue hybrid or fully remote working experiences to improve work/life balance.

Companies must adopt agile and high-performing technology to keep up with current demands of jobseekers and business leaders. Recruiters can satisfy these demands by leveraging mobile devices in the workplace and innovative software solutions to build business apps.

Young digitally savvy workers seek more dynamic experiences with future employers. They want to utilize their smartphones to do work and actually enjoy using more tech to solve business problems. Future recruiting strategies should leverage technology to attract younger employees, as well as motivate their existing employees with untapped potential. One way to excite young, clever workers is by empowering them to build their own business apps.

Establishing the Link Between App Development and Recruiting

Innovative mobile app development tools bring many benefits to organizations and end users. Low-code solutions enhance the development and digital skills of existing employees so they can build user-friendly apps that work on any mobile device. Intuitive, task-focused apps, with the customization and personalization users demand from their app experiences, promote accessibility and strengthen customer relationships.

For years, recruiters have been voicing their concerns about a lack of digital skills. More than half of employers believe that innovation has been hampered considerably by an absence of said key skills. Businesses that digitize their workplaces—and empower workforces with innovative software solutions—make themselves more attractive to jobseekers. Digital skills will become increasingly important within the workforce, as many people believe due to the technological innovations that have been permeating industries across the board.

Low-code and no-code platforms are paving the way for jobs of the future because they enable recruiters to attract candidates who like to solve problems. The software puts more control in the hands of employees by allowing them to build out app ideas that can streamline tasks or create opportunities for the business. Thanks to these platforms, candidates don’t need to have extensive development experience or knowledge of coding. Intuitive app builders also eliminate the need for retraining, an increasingly relevant challenge in today’s job landscape. Software that can help employees across the organization craft technology solutions enables recruiters to find and appeal to more candidates.

Apps and App Development Engage Newer Generations of Professionals

Many Gen Z and millennial jobseekers won’t jump at an opportunity unless they feel it gives them more autonomy or allows them to utilize their innate skills. The ability to build their own apps and business solutions puts them in the driver’s seat and will help keep them motivated throughout their tenure. Organizations that empower their employees, or citizen developers, to build their own apps with low-code or no-code software also leverage this technology as a recruiting tool. HR staff and recruiters can showcase the company as having a culture of innovation, empowerment, and trust.

One reason promoting low-code and no-code solutions within an organization is particularly appealing to jobseekers is that these tools particularly interest Gen Z and millennial jobseekers. They avoid organizations with old-school technology that slows them down or compromises their productivity. They look for organizations and brands that match or exceed their level of tech-savviness and provide employees with more autonomy.

The ability to develop their own apps creates opportunities for newer generations of professionals to work efficiently and effectively. This improves the chances of retaining these problem-solvers for the long haul. Engaging younger generations with apps provides the sort of flexibility they seek while helping recruiters inject new energy into the team.

App Development Is The Next Big Job Trend

Businesses need to build apps more than ever for customer service, tasks, and databases to maintain a competitive advantage, as well as serve disparate users at any point. However, many businesses with such a need can’t afford external applications or more IT staff to build their apps.

With a small percentage of coders in the market and a huge demand for mobile apps across all businesses, more opportunities for citizen developers and young people looking to involve themselves in app development will become commonplace. Because low-code and no-code app solutions don’t require jobseekers to be technical experts or IT developers to create apps, there’s the potential for companies to attract a wider range of candidates. As a result, this innovative technology can be a compelling recruiting tool for organizations.

By turning to jobseekers with some technical knowledge and a love of technology, recruiters can promote positions that leverage low-code or no-code app development to active jobseekers with a love for technology. This will help recruiters engage professionals who enjoy using technology to streamline daily tasks or craft solutions to routine business problems. They don’t need extensive training or a ton of programming experience to get started. If necessary, there are software and training programs available to help recruits create mobile and Web apps. Even small businesses are now allowing their employees to conceive, build, and deploy their own apps in an effort to raise employee productivity and attract new workers.

Furthermore, the software necessary for app creation has been evolving over the years, with software doing many of the difficult coding elements for users. As a result, app creators can focus more on app functionality, the range of tasks the app can do, and creating a seamless user experience. For recruiters, the ease of creating apps by having the requisite software assures job candidates that they will have help from day 1 with app development and can solve problems in innovative ways.

Recruiters can promote how their organizations empower employees to solve their own problems and gain autonomy with this type of innovative technology. With burnout at an all-time high among today’s workforce, job candidates are looking for positions in which they feel empowered and supported from the outset. They don’t want to be inundated with complex information or out-of-date technology that puts them under pressure to perform or limits their ability to solve problems. Leveraging low-code and no-code innovation allows recruiters and organizations to eradicate these candidate concerns.

Apps are the new recruiting tool organizations can use to attract new candidates, streamline their processes, and maximize productivity as a whole.

Amy Groden-Morrison is VP of Marketing and Sales Operations, Alpha Software

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