Best of Recruiting 2022

2022 was a challenging year for recruiters. In a candidate-driven labor market, businesses needed to swiftly adopt new strategies, tap wider talent pools, and reassess what job seekers wanted from their employers. In fact, LinkedIn found that the best candidates are off the market in 10 days. Now more than ever, hiring managers value expert advice and insight to help them navigate today’s recruiting challenges.

As the new year quickly approaches, let’s take a look back at HR Daily Advisor‘s best recruiting content of 2022.

HR Works Presents A Seat at the Table: Tapping Global Talent

Ronnie Kwesi Coleman, CEO and Co-founder of Meaningful Gigs, joins A Seat at the Table to discuss the value of a diverse and remote workforce, why HR leaders should consider casting a wider net to tap talent, and more.

HR Work Break: Making the Hiring Process Inclusive

Kat Kibben, CEO and Founder of Three Ears Media, joins HR Work Break to we discuss the Great Resignation; diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts; and so much more!

HR Works Podcast: Turning the Great Resignation into the Great Onboarding

Andrew Martin of PwC Products and Technology joins HR Works to talk about the importance of creating an effective employee onboarding experience that drives retention and gives employees a reason in the era of the Great Resignation.

HR Works Podcast: The Stay Interview Solution

Amy Mosher, Chief People Officer for isolved, shares how stay interviews and employee check-ins can be play a crucial role in understanding the strengths and weaknesses of an organization and company culture.

Quiet Quitting and Its Impact on Workplaces

The phrase “quiet quitting” became popular after a TikTok video describing it went viral. However, workforce studies on the changing world of work support the rise of quiet quitting and suggest it’s more than a social media hashtag.

The New Trend of ‘Quiet Firing’

Quiet firing is when employers intentionally treat you badly so that you will leave your job. It’s sort of like someone who wants to break up with but doesn’t have the courage to do it themselves.

The Normalization of Job Hopping

It’s increasingly common for employees to stick around for as little as a year before moving on to a new role, where they also expect to have a short tenure. It’s a practice long known as “job hopping,” although the stigma once attached to that term has faded considerably, at least in the minds of younger workers.

Mentorship Programs: A Talent Retention Silver Bullet for HR Leaders

Providing employees with opportunities to further their professional development will create long-term happiness and a higher retention rate. To retain top talent in this era of high employee volatility, HR leaders should install mentorship programs as a cornerstone of their company culture.

4 Red Flags You Can’t Ignore During Recruitment

It’s important not to ignore red flags during the interview process, even when you’re desperate to fill a position. They indicate an applicant isn’t going to be the right fit for your business—and that’s a dead giveaway that you’re walking down the wrong path.

Concrete Data Sheds Further Light on Labor Shortage

Perhaps the most obvious labor shortage is in retail and service positions, which manifests itself in unexpected retail store closures and slow service at a favorite restaurant. Because these shortages are occurring in industries that are often associated with younger workers, many assume these younger workers’ leaving or choosing not to return is driving the shortage. New data, however, suggests the cause is quite different.

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