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Best of Faces of HR – Tech Edition

The World of Work is changing in a myriad of ways and the HR industry is no exception. Over the past few years, we’ve witnessed a wave of innovative HR tech that have reshaped HR management.

From securing HR data with blockchain technology to immersive learning with virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), to mastering remote workforce management with cloud-based HR platforms and unlocking insights with advanced people analytics – HR leaders and organizations are utilizing these tools and more to not only set new standards, but also enhance the employee experience.  

Moreover, we cannot leave out the impact of AI, as applications like ChatGPT are quickly disrupting the HR tech landscape.

May 1st-5th is HR Tech Week here at HR Daily Advisor. For this week’s Faces, we’ve compiled profiles of the best HR Tech pros we’ve featured in the series. Enjoy!

Faces of HR: Gianna Driver on a Passion for People, Purpose & Power

Gianna Driver is CHRO at Exabeam, a global cybersecurity leader in Next-gen SIEM and XDR. She brings 20 years of executive human resources management experience to her role including leading HR and People functions in high-growth technology, gaming, consumer, and SaaS organizations.

Faces of HR: Dr. Steve Goldberg on the Value of Telehealth Engagement, Health Benefits, & More

Meet Dr. Steve Goldberg, VP, Chief Health Officer, Medical Affairs & Diagnostic Services at Quest Diagnostics, an organization that empowers people to take action to improve health outcomes. Dr. Goldberg not only has HR-related credentials, but also chairs the Quest safely working together committee. 

Faces of HR: How One HR Pro Navigates the Muddy Waters of HR to Create Positive Possibilities

The unique skill set that Cassandra Margolin developed in scaling hybrid/remote tech companies from an HR perspective led her to her current position as the Head of People Operations at Jasper AI, an artificial intelligence content creation tool. With headquarters in Austin, TX, Jasper has a “remote-first” culture and a distributed workforce with 145 employees in 24 states.

Faces of HR: Erin Dertouzos on the Value of Pivoting, Psychological Safety and Probity

Meet Erin Dertouzos, Chief People Officer at strongDM – a people-first access platform that gives technical staff access to the infrastructure they need to be productive. Erin believes that recruitment is about having the right people in the right roles at the right time and leaders are responsible for creating a North Star with clear goals. By removing barriers that exist, offering quick and actionable feedback and ensuring teams have appropriate resources – and getting out of our own way – magic happens.

Faces of HR: How One HR Pro is Shifting the Narrative of HR One Day at a Time

As Chief People Officer at LiveRamp – a leading data enablement platform for the safe and effective use of data – Sharawn Tipton oversees the global people and culture strategy in support of the SaaS company’s continued growth. Tipton brings 20 years of tech industry experience to her role and her passions continue to propel her forward, including pay equity and ensuring fair pay.

Faces of HR: Richa Gupta on the Value of Technology + Empathy, People and Purpose

Richa Gupta is Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) at Globalization Partners, a company that helps organizations build a global team quickly and easily. As CHRO, Richa leads all facets of Globalization Partners’ global workforce, while playing a key strategic role in scaling the company and culture to meet the surging demands of remote work across the globe. Richa, who has more than 20 years of technology human resources experience, manages a fully remote workforce.

Faces of HR: Kristen Kenny on Empathy, Building Culture & Instilling Values

Kristen Kenny is Chief People Officer at EngageSmart, which offers vertically tailored customer engagement software and integrated payments capabilities to improve mission-critical workflows. Over the course of her 20-plus years in HR, Kenny has prided herself on focusing her efforts on start-up companies to build infrastructure around HR/recruiting operations and business expansion – and EngageSmart is no exception.

Faces of HR: Désirée Pascual on Curiosity, Collaboration and Courage

Désirée Pascual is Chief People Officer at Headspace Health – a comprehensive and accessible mental healthcare platform – and oversees HR for about 1,000 employees. In 2021, Headspace and Ginger joined forces to form Headspace Health. Today, Headspace Health touches nearly 100 million lives around the world through its brands Headspace, Ginger, and Headspace for Work. The vision? A world where everyone is kind to their mind.

Faces of HR: How One HR Pro’s Strategic Approach to HR Helps Move the Needle Forward

Meet Valarie Arismendez, SVP of People at Hello Heart. The digital therapeutics company focuses exclusively on heart disease, partnering with employer organizations to provide a connected mobile app that works alongside an employer’s benefits ecosystem. The app’s technology uses AI, behavioral science, and personalized digital coaching to drive healthy lifestyle changes.

Faces of HR: Jennifer Trzepacz Talks Keeping the ‘Human’ in HR, Her Best Mistake, and Reimagining the Workplace

Jennifer Trzepacz has more than 20 years of experience implementing operational and talent strategies at transformative, industry-leading companies. During her career, not only has Trzepacz held talent leadership positions at fast-growing technology companies, but she has also been an early adopter of HR technology, supporting many start-ups to build out their product offerings for mainstream markets.

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