Infographic: What Is the Biggest Hiring Challenge in 2019?

We know the unemployment rate is low, which has resulted in a candidate-driven market, but could this be the biggest challenge to hiring top talent in 2019?
Recruiting is no walk in the park, according to new research from global staffing firm Robert Half. “Unemployment is at its lowest level in 50 years, and skilled professionals have more options than ever in terms of where and how they work,” says Paul McDonald, Senior Executive Director for Robert Half—in a press release. “Companies are stepping up all aspects of their recruiting efforts, relaxing hiring requirements and offering remote jobs to engage prospective candidates and access a broader talent pool, resulting in an even more competitive market.”
McDonald adds, “Just as job seekers have countless career opportunities, today’s employers have numerous ways to find the talent they seek. Companies can gain a recruiting edge by consulting a specialized staffing firm that can help hone human resource needs, find good candidate matches, and provide project management and oversight, when appropriate.”
The infographic below highlights key findings from Robert Half’s latest research.