HR Works Podcast: Start Screening for Better Candidates

Guests: Abhishek Kaushik, CEO & Cofounder of WeCP

Whether you’re staffing a new position to help your company grow or replacing a vacated role, there is certainly more to hiring than just filling out a slot on an organization chart. You hope to find that perfect candidate—someone who is just right for the position and can add value and strengthen your group. So how can you know that you are meeting with a candidate pool that is worth your time and resources?

Abhishek Kaushik, CEO and cofounder of technical screening platform, WeCP, joins the latest episode of the HR Works Podcast and explains how recruiters are wasting precious time by not properly screening their candidates during the hiring process.  Learn how important background checks can be in the hiring process, especially in the technical talent market, and how the right screening process can help lead employers to their right hire faster.  Finding that perfect hire doesn’t come easily and is far from cheap, so make sure you’re getting it right!

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