HR Works Podcast: Connected People Make Better Teams

Guest: Shane Kovalsky, Founder and CEO of Mystery

What does successful employee engagement look like in this Remote Era, as many teams have moved toward more distributed workforce models? While colleagues and coworkers work toward shared goals on a daily basis, what is truly bringing them together and cultivating the corporate culture that is vital to organizations.

In the latest episode of the HR Works Podcast, we take a closer look at the current state of employee engagement with Shane Kovalsky, founder and CEO of Mystery. A champion of the idea that “connected people make better teams”, Shane explains Mystery’s evolution from what was once a date-planning service to becoming an end-to-end employee engagement platform dedicated to boosting workplace morale through shared experiences. Listen as we discuss the key components to building and maintaining a healthy corporate culture, and learn how distributed teams can use shared experiences to build workplace bonds that are stronger than ever.

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