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Competing with Google and Amazon to Retain Talent

Amazon recently announced that it would be building a new headquarters in New York City and Virginia, causing widespread panic among employers in those regions. Now another big name is slated to move into New York City, as well: Google. With these two corporate giants headed to the East Coast, what does this mean for […]


A 6-Figure Salary Isn’t Enough to Make Ends Meet, Especially Here!

When you hear that someone brings home a 6-figure salary, do you immediately envision a jet-setting CEO or C-suite executive? If so, you’re not alone, but the reality is that some people who take home 6-figures are actually worse off than you might think, especially if they’re living in one particular location.

A $15 California Minimum Wage?

Most California employers will see the state’s minimum wage reach $15 an hour by 2022 if reports of a deal in the state legislature materialize as expected. Some businesses and industries may be impacted more than others—how will the proposed wage increases affect your company?

Employment Law Tip: Are You Ready for the Big One?

Just two weeks ago, a temblor measuring 5.6 on the Richter scale rattled San Jose and was felt throughout the reaches of the Bay Area. Fortunately, it didn’t cause any major damage. But the quake was another wake-up call for California residents and businesses about the possibility of a much bigger, destructive quake occurring in […]

News Notes: Maker Of Wonder Bread Ordered To Pay $131 Million For Race Bias

A San Francisco jury has ordered the nation’s largest wholesale baker to pay $11 million in compensatory damages and a whopping $120 million in punitive damages to African-American workers who said they were subjected to racial slurs, unequal treatment and other indignities by co-workers and supervisors at three Bay Area plants. Workers testified that they […]