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Beyond Discrimination: What Else Can You Be Sued for?

West, principal of Employment Practices Specialists in Pacifica, CA, offered her tips at SHRM’s Employment Law and Legislative Conference, held recently in Washington, DC. Defamation In the HR world, defamation often rears itself in relation to references. What exactly is defamation? West says that it has the following characteristics: False statement of fact (opinions are […]

Bonuses and Gift Cards—Probably Taxable

Tax Consequences of Bonuses Bonuses paid in consideration for services rendered are almost always taxable wages subject to income tax withholding, FICA, and FUTA. These include production, incentive, and nondeferred profit sharing bonuses. The Internal Revenue Service has also ruled that bonuses paid to employees for signing or ratifying an employment contract are considered wages […]

Bonuses? Great, But Legal Pitfalls Abound

Bonuses are an integral part of many companies’ compensation packages because they: Are an expression of goodwill from employer to employee. Exemplify a personal touch and may evoke loyalty and dedication. Allow organizations to manage pay for performance Can be used as an incentive to retain top performers or to attract new employees Allow the […]

The 9 Steps to Solving Pay Compression

Pay compression is particularly difficult to address in times of economic hardship, says Wudyka, but there are steps you can take to eliminate it. Wudyka is managing principal of Westminster Associates in Wrentham, Massachusetts. His tips came during a recent webinar sponsored by BLR. 1) Revisit/rebuild “grade structure.” The first thing we can do is […]

How to Prevent or Fix Demoralizing Pay Compression Inequities

Inevitably, Wudyka says, when I evaluate organizations’ compensation, there is pay compression somewhere in some range or grade. Wudyka is managing principal of Westminster Associates in Wrentham, Massachusetts. His tips came during a recent webinar sponsored by BLR. Defining Pay Compression Pay compression occurs when the pay rate of an individual is “uncomfortably close” to […]

Best Practices for Your FMLA Leave Policy

Communication is the Key Caraway reminds employers that communicating the rules is key to successfully managing FMLA. When employees ask about FMLA, they are already stressed by whatever is underlying the request for leave. If you hit them with a rule they don’t know about (they’ll call it a “technicality”) their reaction is going to […]

Get Analytical to Manage Comp Says Combearsation Manager

Compbearsation Manager? Tanis is Manager, Compbearsation and HRIS for Build-a-Bear Workshop in Saint Louis, Missouri. His “Top 9” came at the recent SHRM Annual Convention and Exhibition in Las Vegas. [Go here for tips 1 to 5.] 6. Get Analytical Identify the indicators and drivers you’ll use to analyze your department’s work, Tanis says.   […]

CCE Offers Report on Adverse Impact Analyses

The Washington, D.C., nonprofit research and think tank organization, the Center for Corporate Equality (CCE) has issued a detailed report on “best practices” for conducting the adverse impact analyses, which are used to detect and sometimes litigate employment discrimination claims. The editors of Federal Employment Law Insider interviewed David Cohen, who is on the board […]

EEOC Guidance, Best Practices for Working Caregivers

For many employees, the need to care for sick or very young family members weighs more heavily these days. Jobs are scarce, and staying employed is crucial, but family needs don’t magically disappear. While the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) allows unpaid employee leave to care for others, it doesn’t apply to all employers, […]