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Job Postings Are Not Job Descriptions

Somewhere along the line, the terms “job description” and “job posting” became interchangeable, and the result has been confusion on the part of talent acquisition professionals, as well as ineffective recruitment advertising.

Avoid These Recruiting Behaviors

In yesterday’s Advisor, we outlined the fact that there are plenty of recruiting behaviors that can sabotage your efforts. We started a list of recruiting “don’ts”—bad behaviors to avoid. Let’s continue that list now.


Your Company's Image is Everything

I’ll never forget my first job interview. Hearing about how great this company was to work for made me want that job so much more. When I arrived, I had to wait a long time before meeting with the interviewer. I wasn’t given any information about the delay, wasn’t offered anything to drink, and wasn’t […]

The Dynamic Recruiting Landscape

The recruiting landscape is dynamic. It changes constantly, and it’s downright competitive given the improved economy and low unemployment rates. To keep up with the current trends that are driving the way top companies recruit and hire talent, it’s important to ask questions so you can adapt your strategy to attract qualified applicants.

Bad Recruiting Behaviors to Avoid

When trying to fill vacancies, there are a lot of tips out there to get it done faster, more efficiently, and for less money. But what are some of the recruiting behaviors that could sabotage your hard work? Let’s take a look at some recruiting behaviors to avoid!

More Ways to Make Recruiting with Twitter a Snap

In part one of this article, we reviewed some of the reasons Twitter can be a useful tool for recruiters and then presented some tips on using Twitter effectively. Now let’s take a look at a few more Twitter tips!