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Recruiting AI and Cultural Fit

Yesterday we heard from Edward Page, Business Development head of ThisWay Global concerning recruiting trends like recruitment platforms and employer branding. Today we’ll hear more from him on the topics of cultural fit and AI.

Your Recruiting Strategy and Recruitment Trends

Recruiting has changed regularly over the last few decades. Today we’ll hear from Edward Page, Business Development head of ThisWay Global.

Minimizing Common Problems with Interviews

In yesterday’s Advisor, we noted that the interview process is not without its problems. We started to outline some of the many potential pitfalls of the average interview, combined with some tips to minimize the problem at hand.

The Industry with the Most Jobs

The widespread worker shortage has recruiters struggling to fill open positions. Yet, a new report from job search portal CareerCast suggests one industry faces more challenges than others.

Touting Awards to Attract Job Candidates

Employer awards help companies attract top talent. Job seekers look for proof that a company is what it says it is, and awards provide validation.

The Power of Video Job Ads

In order to make their job postings stand out from countless others, and create a more engaging job seeker experience, companies are turning to video.

Introducing the Well-Informed Candidate

A recent study shows that today’s candidates are more informed than they ever have been. What does this mean for you? Let’s take a look.