Touting Awards to Attract Job Candidates

Employer awards help companies attract top talent. Job seekers look for proof that a company is what it says it is, and awards provide validation.

As such, companies should apply for awards, and award recipients should reference awards at their careers site, in job postings, and elsewhere.

Awards That Get Attention

Here are a few awards your company may want to pursue.
Great Place to Work awards. Great Place to Work Institute publishes several “best workplaces” lists each year. Eligibility varies by country. The screening process is rigorous, and the awards are highly competitive. However, lists of award winners are featured in well-known publications across the globe, including Fortune magazine.
Best Companies for Working Mothers. The Working Mother Network publishes an annual list of the 100 best companies for working mothers. Flexible work, paid leave, and support for women earn employers a place on this list.
Working Mother also publishes a list of best companies for multicultural women, and a list of the best law firms for women.
DiversityInc awards. DiversityInc has published its list of the top 50 companies for diversity since 2001. Participants are assessed in comparison to others in four areas of diversity management: talent pipeline, talent development, leadership accountability, and supplier diversity. DiversityInc relies on data-driven analysis, gleaned from more than 200 questions, to assess initiatives to hire, retain, and promote women, minorities, people with disabilities, LGBT, and veterans.
Catalyst awards. The Catalyst awards recognize companies whose groundbreaking initiatives have helped advance women. The application and evaluation process includes telephone interviews and site visits. Winners of the Catalyst Award receive extensive media coverage.
Other awards include the Top 250 Companies for Flexible Jobs, from FlexJobs; the Top 100 Military Friendly Employers, from Military Friendly; and Best Places to Work for LGBT Equality, from the Human Rights Campaign.
Each organization has its own process and requirements. Visit each website for details about eligibility, the application process, and deadlines.

Other Avenues of Awards

Don’t overlook regional awards, which can also help you attract candidates.
Local business journals, chambers of commerce, and others frequently honor best workplaces. Search by state, city, and county to explore your options.
You’ll also want to check out industry-specific membership associations, along with industry publications, as they too sometimes recognize best employers.

Sharing Your Success

Most organizations that bestow awards provide recipients with an award symbol they can display at their corporate careers site. This visual immediately alerts job seekers that a company has been recognized as a best employer.
A number of top employers have won multiple awards, and they display multiple images at their sites. The cumulative effect is powerful. For an example, visit the careers site of PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC).
Award-winning employers often mention awards in their job postings and in college recruitment marketing material as well. And of course they share the news on social media.
Recruiters will also want to remember to talk about awards the company has won when speaking with job candidates. The opportunity to work with an award-winning company may be an offer a candidate can’t refuse.

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