Recruiting AI and Cultural Fit

Yesterday we heard from Edward Page, Business Development head of ThisWay Global concerning recruiting trends like recruitment platforms and employer branding. Today we’ll hear more from him on the topics of cultural fit and AI.

Employers that hire based on cultural fit have shown that it’s an effective way to increase productivity at work. Whether it’s a flat organizational design, a pet-friendly environment, or a profit-sharing compensation package, finding candidates who share similar ideals and interests with those of the organization accomplishes many positive things.
These future employees will come to work feeling inspired and happy and wanting to grow with the organization. At the end of the day, a positive atmosphere in the workplace resonates well with customers, seeing that company staff is doing things right.
The HR team could lead the company’s management in creating a great company culture through employee-friendly policies in hiring, compensation, training, and retention.

  1. The Rise of Artificial Intelligence

It’s a misconception that artificial intelligence (AI), or the use of machines, will take away work from humans. By contrast, AI is going to complement HR’s data-driven and analytics-based tasks.
Some specific ways that you could apply AI technology include:

  • Screening of applicants

Software designed to automatically screen candidates is one useful application of machine learning, especially when you’re handling volume applications. There are tools that can help you calculate the candidate’s score in terms of cultural fit, for instance.
AI applications can also be configured to detect any red flags, such as biased language in describing what qualifications you would expect from your candidates.

  • Attracting talent

Machine learning apps may also take away the bulk of the work in attracting talent from the HR team. These apps pave the way for job hunters to receive job recommendations or be directed to your careers page using data from users’ history of searches, networks, or clicks.
Your recruitment strategies can make or break your organization in multifarious ways. They can affect the quality of your hires, your company image, or the way you use new technologies to be more aggressive in your HR initiatives.
If you haven’t yet, now may be a good time to rethink your policies against the most value-laden trends that are driving recruitment these days and in the years to come.
With an eye for detail and attitude towards excellence, Edward Page has proven himself to be ThisWay Global’s guide in recruitment technology. As a Business Development head, he leads a team to keep on pushing the envelope when it comes to using technology for recruitment.

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