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Mess with the Bull, Get the Horns

We all know workplace violence is no laughing matter. All HR professionals should be well versed in the laws applicable to weapons in the workplace at all of your organization’s locations. Each state has its own twists when it comes to restricting weapons (especially firearms) on private property. For instance, my state of South Carolina […]

Summer Hiring Continues to Heat Up: 46,653 Summer Jobs Still Open Across the U.S.

In a previous Recruiting Daily Advisor article, research from global job search engine, Adzuna, showed that the number of open entry-level positions for recent college graduates was expected to increase, and new college hires could expect to earn over $53,000, annually. While some companies may be hiring recent college grads, others are hiring for the […]

Best Cities for Finding a Job

Location, location, location may be the real estate industry’s mantra, but it applies to employment opportunities as well.


Ask the Expert: ‘I’m a Small Employer with Pregnant Employees in Multiple States! What Are My Obligations?’

Question: We currently have 3 pregnant employees. One lives and works in Minnesota, where we have 4 employees, and the other two live and work in Georgia, where we have 40 employees. We are not covered by FMLA and have a personal leave policy that provides up to 8 weeks of unpaid leave. My questions […]

Sleeping Interns Become Next Internet Sensation

Internships are a great way for college students to gain some real-world job experience, but for some, internships are a great way to catch up on some much-needed sleep after staying up all night studying for finals. And when sleeping interns get caught in the act, they could end up becoming the next Internet sensation!

$15M in DOL Grants Provides Training Opportunities for Disabled

Alaska, Georgia, Hawaii, Iowa, New York, and Washington are being awarded grants as part of the Disability Employment Initiative, a joint initiative of the U.S. Department of Labor’s (DOL) Employment and Training Administration and the Office of Disability Employment Policy. The DOL announced that these six states will receive grants totaling $14,911,243 to improve employment […]

See Just How Much a Lack of Safety Training Can Cost You

Following safety regulations isn’t just the right thing to do—it keeps employers on the right side of Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) enforcement. And it saves money by avoiding fines, legal fees, and more. OSHA loves to cite a lack of training, and these case studies showcase just how expensive an ineffective (or nonexistent) […]