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Survey Asks Whether College Effectively Prepares Students for the Working World

Twenty-two percent of adult workers in a recent survey said that a college education does not effectively prepare students for employment in the workforce. Meanwhile, nearly the same percentage—25 percent—reported that college does effectively prepare students for the working world. Only 10 percent said college prepares students very effectively. The April 2013 survey of more […]

Heads They Win … Tails You Lose (Mitigating Measures)

In yesterday’s Advisor, Attorney Patricia Eyres briefed us on accommodating depression. Today, her take on mitigating measures—a lose/lose proposition for the employers—and we introduce the new leadership training system from TrainingToday®. What’s a Mitigating Measure? According to the Job Accommodation Network, a mitigating measure is a treatment, therapy, or device that eliminates or reduces the […]

How You Can Ensure the Success of Your Diversity Training Program

Today’s Advisor is adapted from the Ask the Trainer feature on BLR’s hr.blr.com. The training question is, “How can trainers ensure the success of a diversity training program?” Here is how our training expert responded: Paul Lawrence Vann, a motivational speaker, author, and trainer, recommends providing diversity training to all employees—from top management to rank-and-file […]

Can You Use E-Learning for E-Training?

In general, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) focuses its efforts on compliance rather than on the training process used to achieve compliance. (However, asbestos, lead abatement, and certain other highly toxic or cancer-causing material handling are exceptions for which the EPA has specific training requirements.) In some cases, the EPA specifies general types of […]

Teach Your Trainers How to Engage Uninterested Managers

The information in today’s Advisor is adapted from the Ask the Editor service at hr.blr.com. The training question is, “How do you get uninterested managers to participate in a training session?” Here is how our training expert responded: Provide need-to-know information and create a dynamic learning environment, says Dr. Earl Taylor, a former master trainer […]

Guidance on Developing Effective Training Sessions

The training information in this issue is adapted from BLR’s audio presentation, Training the Trainer. Guidance Trainees can work with this exercise to begin to plan an actual training session. The trainer of the “train the trainer” session should stress to trainees that the plans they make are not set in stone; however, the exercise […]

Use Training Committees to Improve Results

Gaining award-winning status for its learning organization has helped Jiffy Lube® International, (www.JiffyLube.com), a 100-percent franchisee-owned and -operated store chain, improve its training function even more, says Kenneth Barber, the company’s manager of learning and development. Barber attributes the success of Jiffy Lube University (JLU) to its close alignment with the business, franchisees, and vendor […]

Are You Prepared for Virtual Training

“Trainers need to prepare themselves to facilitate and to engage with an audience they don’t see,” says Cindy Huggett, training consultant and author of Virtual Training Basics (www.cindyhuggett.com). First, trainers need to “learn the platform—in and out. Know every button,” she recommends. Second, be well versed in the technology, test the technology in advance, and […]

Train Employees to Use the Internet Securely

The “2012 NCSA/Symantec National Small Business Study” (www.staysafeonline.org/stay-safe-online/resources) was conducted by the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) and Symantec. The study found that 87 percent of small businesses have at least one employee who uses the Internet daily. In addition, 70 percent of owners/operators of small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in the United States indicated […]

Consider Public/Private Training Programs to Help with Your Training Needs

New and expanding companies in Louisiana may be eligible for free, customized training through Louisiana Economic Development’s (LED) award-winning workforce development program. LED FastStart offers training development and delivery, as well as employee recruitment and screening, at no cost to Louisiana companies that are creating at least 15 new manufacturing jobs or 50 new service-related […]