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What are the Best Cities for Education Jobs?

Whether you’re seeking a Montessori teacher, a college professor with tenure, or a librarian, they need a place to live. And if they’re renting, some cities are better than others.  How do the job opportunities and salaries in the education industry in your area measure up against housing costs?

Interviewing: Don't Jump the Gun

Yesterday we heard from Bill Driscoll, district president for Accountemps, concerning the interview process and materials. Today we will hear more from Driscoll, including tips on maximizing the value of an interview and securing the best candidates.

You’ll Get a Kick Out of This One!

Workers’ compensation fraud is always good fodder for HRSBT! Case in point, a New York man was recently caught defrauding the system, as he claimed to be unable to work at his job, yet he was still able to teach kickboxing.

New York Employer Learns Costly Lesson About Paying the Correct Prevailing Wage Rate

By Zachary D. Morahan, Coughlin & Gerhart, LLP “Prevailing wages” are the premium wage rates paid to employees who perform labor on a “public” project, often a construction or highway project. Employers in the construction trade know all too well that the failure to pay the correct prevailing wage can have dire consequences, regardless of […]

Paid Family Leave: The New Trend?

The seas of HR are filled with paid sick leave legislation at the state and federal level. In the wake of such changes, a new paid sick leave trend just might be emerging—paid family leave.

New York Has New Paid Family Leave Law

The 2016 budget bill (S.B. 6406C) signed into law on April 4 by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo includes a paid family leave program that will provide partially-paid leave to nearly every employee in the state. New York is the fourth state, following California, New Jersey and Rhode Island, to enact a paid family leave program administered as part […]