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More Companies Expanding Employee Monitoring

Nobody likes having an employer look over his or her shoulder all day, but many companies have a variety of methods and tools in place to monitor how employee time is spent. This monitoring isn’t simply about being a strict authoritarian organization. Employees spending time on non-work-related activities has a real financial impact on businesses.


Kindergarten Had All the Great Ideas, Including Naps

Many of you may recall reading Robert Fulghum’s All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten. If you take a look at his list of rules, you’ll find it describes several policies you already follow and enforce in your workplace. “Don’t hit people” certainly describes your no-fighting policy. “Put things back where you […]

Sleep deprivation: Know whether it’s a performance problem or a disability

Employers striving for a diverse workforce take care not to discriminate against employees with a disability, but hidden disabilities can be tricky. Supervisors might think they’re dealing with performance problems when they really should be considering whether an employee has a disability protected by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). 


New Survey Reveals the Unhealthy Side Effects of Business Travel

The health of the United States’ frequent business travelers may be quickly deteriorating due to high stress levels and the hectic nature of work-related travel. According to a national survey by On Call International—a travel risk management company—a majority of business travelers (54%) say they are less likely to exercise on a work trip compared […]

Employees Who Travel for Work Reveal Challenges, Motivators

A new survey has found that 62% of American workers have traveled to another state for work in the past 12 months, with 38% having spent 30 days or more in another state for work-related travel during the same time frame.  The TSheets survey sought to find out what motivates these mobile workers, as well […]


Survey: 2/3 of Workers Would Be Better Employees If They Got More Sleep

With daylight saving time officially coming to an end on Sunday, November 5, it may be time for working Americans to take advantage of that extra hour of sleep. According to a new survey from Glassdoor, three in four (74%) full and part time employees say they get less than 8 hours of sleep on […]

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What a Nightmare: Strangest Work Dreams

Having dreams about work sounds like a nightmare! Sleep is an essential component in workplace productivity, but according to a new CareerBuilder® survey, 26% of respondents feel they don’t get enough sleep each night, and 60% say that a lack of sleep has negatively impacted their work.

Ask the Expert: Is Need for Sleep Covered by the FMLA?

by Susan Hartmus Hiser, JD, The Murray Law Group, P.C. Question: Our attendance policy requires employees to call in all absences prior to the start of their shift, including absences due to approved intermittent leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). Some employees have presented doctors’ notes exempting them from the call-in requirement […]