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Navigating Leadership with Biological Wisdom: Real-Life Applications of Safety and Danger Cues

In leadership, understanding and responding to cues of safety and danger are pivotal for fostering environments of trust, collaboration, and innovation. Drawing from Polyvagal Theory and Neuroception, Human Resources Managers can harness biological insights to navigate the complexities of organizational dynamics effectively. As Human Resources Managers, our role extends beyond traditional administrative tasks. We are […]

4 Employee Retention Tactics That Actually Work

Employee retention is on the mind of every human resources professional. While the job market may finally be settling down a bit and the great resignation isn’t as great as it once was, it’s still important to keep your employees working and your business running. If you’re unable to retain employees, what happens? First of […]

Conflict Resolution in the Workplace: How Managers Can Use Tools to Understand How to Address It

Conflict. How does that word make you feel? In particular, how does conflict in the workplace make you feel? When we asked that question as part of a research project, many said that conflict made them feel anxious or stressed, others that they found it awkward or uncomfortable, or angry or frustrated, or demotivated or […]

HR Query: Navigating Political Conversations in the Workplace

With five generations in the workplace, it’s no surprise if you have co-workers whose views differ from yours. Tension may not only build due to these conflicting views, but also the polarized nature of today’s politics. As a result, you might feel compelled to suppress your own beliefs to keep the peace or – on […]

3 Key Workplace Trends for 2024

As we near 2024, business leaders and HR professionals are actively envisioning the upcoming year and strategizing to enhance their operations. No doubt many will be paying close attention to a number of emerging trends, with special interest in the push to end remote work, and the further integration of AI into workflows. However, success […]

Managing the Conflict Inflection Point

Conflict is the fiber of every one of our existing relationships.  A day doesn’t pass without conflict – it’s natural.  Conflict is unavoidable but it does not have to be calamitous.  It can be internal or external – as minor as hitting the snooze on your alarm or a clash of how to resolve a […]

Navigating Workplace Conflict During the Holidays (and Beyond)

The holiday season is supposed to be full of joy and happiness, and yet it is sometimes the most stressful time of the year, especially at work.  Why?  Around the holidays, there are a lot of stressors, including end of year budgeting and the closing of the books, packing a month’s worth of work into […]

Best of Learning & Development 2023

At the end of the day, employees are a company’s biggest asset. Learning & Development initiatives are just one of many ways to help bring out your workers’ potential. LinkedIn found that 83% of organizations want to build a people-first culture, and 81% of L&D departments are helping to make that happen. As we near […]

Help Managers Grow Their Spines and Manage Abrasive Leadership Behavior

In this age of heightened awareness of inequality, bias, and bad behavior concerning sex, gender, race, age, and ethnicity, employers are increasingly required to provide psychologically safe workplaces characterized by respectful treatment. To do this, employers must be prepared to manage unacceptable conduct effectively. The conduct of abrasive leaders (otherwise known as bosses who bully) […]

Why Workplace Mindfulness Is Crucial for Young Professionals

In a post-pandemic workplace, young professionals face unique challenges their predecessors may not have experienced. The impact of rapid social and technological changes has made navigating, entering, and thriving in the workforce a new type of challenge, so it’s essential to acknowledge the issues at hand and implement mindful daily best practices to cope with […]