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All Aboard, HR Professionals

I am thrilled to announce the launch of the SmartHRManager blog, powered by Thompson Publishing Group. Welcome. We hope this blog can do a lot for you.

We want to be the place HR and benefits professionals turn to for ideas, analysis and instructions. We have a dynamic publishing company behind us to delve into the questions employers all over the country face on a daily basis. Our plan is report to you and keep you thinking about HR/benefits issues such as  FMLA, FLSA and ADA; (2) health and retirement plan administration; (3) health reform; and (4) any HR/benefits topic you want to talk about.

We will stay on top of HR and benefits developments as they happen and spot what’s coming around the bend.

We’re leveraging considerable resources to do that. For almost 40 years, Thompson Publishing has been the trusted provider of HR and benefits-related information to employers to the private, state and local government and nonprofit sectors. This blog will funnel and channel Thompson Publishing’s valuable resources and comprehensive coverage of HR and benefits-related issues to you. Our content and experience runs deep, and we’re committed to you getting access to more of our material than ever before.

We have strong relationships with law firms, federal agencies, state and local governments, nonprofits, unions, research institutions and others.

But the most important ingredient to the success of this blog is YOU.

Virtually no company can operate without you HR and benefits pros doing what you do daily. On this blog, you’ll find secret ingredients you need to achieve your goals as HR/benefits professionals.

By interacting with us, bringing your concerns, comments and questions, and responding to other posts, we’ll turn this into your space for getting ideas and answers. Stay with us and watch what develops. Together we will make this blog great.