Is Your Training Sufficient for Your Employees' Career Needs?

While 77 percent of survey respondents indicated that training should be a joint responsibility between employer and employee, more than 33 percent said the current training they receive from their employer is not sufficient to meet their career needs in the future, according to the survey by Kelly Services (www.kellyservices.com), a global workforce solutions firm.

More than three-quarters of survey respondents indicated that they believe their current workplace skills will be outdated within the next 5 years without additional training opportunities.

“The current economic environment has made people very aware of their skills and whether they will be sufficient to survive the recession and beyond, into a period of economic recovery,” said Mike Webster, executive vice president and general manager of Kelly Services.

The survey findings highlight the importance of continued training and skills development, according to the company. “Many organizations, in an effort to cut expenses, may eliminate or reduce training opportunities, but this will cause businesses to become less innovative and without the capacity to compete,” Webster said.

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Differences in responses were noted by region, gender, and age. For example, survey participants from the western part of the country were most worried about their skill sets becoming outdated, while respondents from the Northeast were most confident that their current skills are sustainable. Southern workers had the highest level of satisfaction with the quality of employer-provided training they received.

In general, male survey respondents expressed more concern about their skill set and indicated that they expect more of their employers in managing their careers, compared to female respondents, the survey found.

Among Generation Y workers (18 to 29 years old) who participated in the survey, the workers most worried about their skills work in the West and Midwest. Overall, Generation X workers (30 to 47 years old) are most concerned about the adequacy of their skills compared to other age groups, according to the survey. More than half of the Baby Boomer generation (48 to 65 years old) is disappointed in how their employer’s Humana Resources department has managed their careers.

What types of training do employees prefer? According to the survey, 42 percent prefer on-the-job training, while 26 percent like professional development courses, 20 percent expressed a preference for self-initiated learning, and 12 percent favored formal university or college qualifications.

So how do you go about meeting your employees’ training needs? Now there’s an online training resource to help your employees, including managers and supervisors, continually improve.

Of course, manager and supervisor training is an important part of the daily HR challenge. It can be tricky to manage—there’s such a load of extraneous planning, preparing, and tracking involved. But we’ve got good news—BLR’s editors have developed a unique new program that’s done all that work for you.

The Leadership Library provides you with a sensible (and economic) solution.

The Leadership Library for Managers and Supervisors allows you to:

  • Train on demand. Employees can complete training anytime from anywhere. All they need is a computer and an internet connection.
  • Reinforce training topics with engaging graphics and quizzes to test their knowledge.
  • Monitor and track the results of your training program with the built-in recordkeeping tool.
  • Save costs. The more you train, the more cost-effective the training becomes.


The Leadership Library for Managers and Supervisors is a Web-based training tool that can be utilized by any organization. All you need is a computer and Internet access, and the library is open 24/7.

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The Leadership Library trains your managers on the fundamental skills required for successful team management and organizational communication.

The courses cover a range of leadership and managerial topics, including the following:

  • Business Writing Skills for Supervisors
  • Dealing with Change: How Supervisors Can Help
  • Motivating Employees: Tips and Tactics for Supervisors
  • Effective Communication for Supervisors
  • Conflict Resolution and Consensus Building
  • Workplace Ethics for Supervisors
  • Encouraging Employee Input
  • Negotiation Skills For Supervisors
  • Time Management for Supervisors
  • Professional Behavior: What Supervisors Need to Know
  • Performance Goals for Supervisors
  • New Supervisors’ Guide to Effective Supervision
  • Problem Solving for Supervisors
  • How to Manage Challenging Employees
  • Coaching for Superior Employee Performance: Techniques for Supervisors
  • Effective Meetings: How-to for Supervisors
  • Leadership Skills: What New Managers and Supervisors Need to Know

This turnkey service requires no setup, no course development time, no software installation, and no new hardware. Your employees can self-register, and training can be taken anytime (24/7), anywhere there is a PC and an Internet connection. Courses take only about 30 minutes to complete.

TrainingToday automatically documents training. As trainees sign on, their identifications are automatically registered. When the program is completed, the trainee’s score is entered. So, when you want to see who has been trained on any subject, or look at the across-the-board activity of any one employee, it’s all there, instantly available.

Course certificates can be automatically generated from within the training center and are automatically retained for recordkeeping purposes.

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