Learning & Development

Training Myths and Facts

Training is subject to many myths. Here are just two:

1. Myth: Any person with subject knowledge can do training.


A person may have good subject knowledge but may not be able to conduct training. Being a subject expert does not mean someone is a good trainer.

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Training is a special type of skill that requires trainers to overcome public speaking phobias and to make presentations or speeches in such a way that even the lowest-skilled person among the participants can understand what is presented.

2. Myth: During training you just need to speak.


Training is a planned activity designed for a specific objective. Training is a planned activity that starts by assessing the skill level of participants and then adapting the training accordingly. It should change as the discussion in the room is going on.

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DON’T: Trainers should:

  • Not be too formal;
  • Not be a know it all;
  • Not be unprepared;
  • Not talk down to learners;
  • Not use profanity;
  • Not be distracting;
  • Not loose control;
  • Not catch people unprepared;
  • Not be afraid to say you do not know; and
  • Not avoid eye contact.

Michael D. Lawrence of Summit Safety Technologies (www.SafetyProgramNow.com) assists businesses in developing Safety Management Systems., including training programs. He can be reached at mike@safetyprogramnow.com.