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Does Your Training Program Offer Ongoing Learning Opportunities?

Jiffy Lube® International uses Web-based courses, coaching, instructor-led courses, and computer-based simulation to provide ongoing learning opportunities for employees at its franchises across the country.

Web-based training courses are offered through Jiffy Lube University (JLU) for employees completing orientation and the certification process in 10 different areas, says Kenneth Barber, manager of learning and development for Jiffy Lube ( Web-based courses are “consistent, easily accessible, and useful when you have a lot of new employees coming through.”

On-the-job training is provided next. Supervisors use a “DTOG” document (daily training observation guide) to coach and evaluate employees. The DTOG includes step-by-step procedures and serves as a training aid to remind employees what tasks they need to perform— and the order in which certain things need to be done.

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Employees who fail to do a particular step receive a “1”; those who complete a task but need improvement are rated a “2”; and those who demonstrate proficiency in a task receive a “P.” An employee is considered fully trained in a particular area when he or she achieves a P, Barber says.

The JLU also uses instructor-led training, including a 3-day advanced management training curriculum. That class, which is the final certification before an individual becomes a store manager, is followed by a mandatory computer-based simulation, “A Day in the Life of a Store Manager.”

During the simulation, participants are “challenged with different scenarios that they might run into—or might never run into,” he explains. Depending on the quality of their responses, participants score points. They need a certain number of points to finalize their certification.

The top 10 scorers are posted online, creating a competitive atmosphere in which individuals are motivated to play often. The more they play, the better their chances are of scoring in the top 10 and being recognized. At the same time, they are practicing and improving their decision-making skills, so they are better prepared when confronted with the same situation on the job, Barber says.

JLU’s six trainers travel to different markets throughout the country to conduct face-to-face training, teaching more than 200 sessions per year. And, in 2012, more than 1.5 million hours of training were recorded on the JLU learning management system, which Barber says is more than double the number of hours recorded in 2009.

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In tomorrow’s Advisor, we’ll learn more about this organization’s training innovations—and explore a ready-to-use online training resource available now to help your organization provide its own ongoing learning opportunities.

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