HR Strange But True

Group Job Interview Turns into Dance Audition

The group interview at the Cardiff, the Wales branch of a U.K. electronics chain, turned from a discussion of qualifications for the job into a dance audition, and the applicants weren’t jumping for joy about it.

To show they could think on their feet, applicants were asked to come up with an impromptu routine to the song “Around the World” by the rap group Daft Punk and perform it in front of the others.

It was suggested that the applicants, dressed in their interview-best clothes, create various robotic moves to the music.

Considering the job opening was for a sales assistant position, it left the group wondering what dancing had to do with selling. But according to media reports, most of the applicants, although feeling embarrassed and humiliated, stayed because they needed a job.

The store said the dancing was an icebreaker that was not part of the job assessment or its recruitment policy.  However, the store invited applicants who had been part of the dance interview to another, more formal, interview where they could better demonstrate their qualifications for the job.