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Learn How to Use Social Media for Better Recruiting

In yesterday’s Advisor, we learned valuable information about how social media can improve recruiting efforts. Today, we get more expert answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) on how best to use social media for recruiting.

Kelly Dingee, of Staffing Advisors, has supplied some more FAQs—and answers—to this HR topic.
Question (Q): What is sourcing?
Answer (A): Sourcing is the foundation of the recruiting process. It’s both finding and attracting candidates to employment opportunities. I do post jobs but my daily focus is on “finding,” and I use the Internet to do so.
Q: Does everyone use LinkedIn?
A: Unfortunately, no. They should. They may not pull an ideally formatted profile, but it houses an incredible volume of potential candidates and competitive intelligence. Some people are put off about putting themselves out there online, some are wary of searching (and being seen searching) but I find it to be a huge tool for engagement. I have loved it during my career when jobs have come to me, and I really enjoy when candidates seek me out because they see me searching online. Used properly, LinkedIn (fee or free) can be a huge benefit to any recruiting team.

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Q: Any recruiting team? Even blue collar jobs?
A: Oh yes! It takes some digging but it’s possible. My favorite finds are the ones I’m told I can’t find. Like when I receive Construction req’s [requisitions], or Retail.
Q: So all a recruiting team needs is LinkedIn?
A: Oh no, not at all. There are thousands of social media sites out there and so many of them have users create profiles, and some even offer the ability to upload resumes. A good sourcing strategy will consider everywhere you can look with a focus on volume, quality, and efficiency.
Q: Is it hard to source on social media?
A: No, it’s not. You just have to know what to look for, and where. Practice is key, as is organization. The next step is engaging potential candidates. How you do that—because you’re on the front line of their candidate experience—is paramount.
Q: What about time? Many recruiters have multiple responsibilities; how does this fit in?
A: There are plenty of tools to increase productivity and augment your search results. Google Chrome Extensions and the suite of products are some of my favorites.
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Kelly Dingee is a Director of Strategic Recruiting for retained search firm Staffing Advisors. Based in Washington, D.C., she is an expert in sourcing candidates online, offering more than 15 years of experience. Dingee has shared with us some frequently asked questions—and answers—regarding social media and sourcing.

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