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Additional Considerations as You Plan Your Salary Strategy: Job Descriptions, Salary Compressions, and More

Yesterday, Amy Letke, SPHR, GPHR of Integrity HR, Inc., took us through the ins and outs of aging factors: Lead, lag, or lead/lag—which is best for your organization? Today, she looks at additional considerations as you set out your compensation philosophy and strategy.

Documenting Job Content Through Job Descriptions

How often are you reviewing your job descriptions? Remember that the needs may change, depending on your business goals.

Selecting, Collecting, and Using Data

  • Choose several salary sources (industry-specific when possible).
  • Make sure you compare “apples to apples.”
  • Make sure you are getting the most bang for your buck!
  • Use job descriptions for comparisons to benchmark jobs.
  • Attempt to match jobs to an “objective survey source” with a significant degree of accuracy.
  • Slot nonbenchmark jobs into the hierarchy based on comparable positions.

Designing Your Pay Structure

  • Determine relative worth.
  • Use pay grades to:
    • Group jobs that have the same relative internal worth.
    • Set the upper and lower range of compensation for jobs within the pay grade.

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Addressing Compression and Budget Issues

Salary compression is very common (and problematic), occurring when the pay rates for two different jobs wind up being too close together.

Limited merit increase budgets can lead to lessening value on lengthy tenure when you increase pay for new employees—something you definitely don’t want if you’re looking to retain great talent.

The solution to both problems? Money. Letke recommends that you consider reserving a portion of your budget for compression elimination, equity increases, and lump-sum increases.

It Can Be Complicated

Letke notes that an independent third party can often help you pave the way to achieving a solid compensation plan that leads to your desired outcome.

If you handle things on your own, she stresses the importance of appropriate training and education to acquire the specialized expertise required to perform the work effectively.

Of course, you need to also adjust your strategy for specific job roles—especially sales. Small and mid-sized businesses often assume that sales compensation plan mechanics and application don’t translate to organizations of their size and so aren’t something to worry about.

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