Communicating with 1,000 Candidates in 1 Day

It’s a given that HR professionals are actively involved in many areas of an organization, but where exactly? A recent BLR® survey looks at how HR plays a role in strategic business planning and other key strategic areas.

Dingee, director of strategic recruiting at retained search firm Staffing Advisors, offered her advice at BLR’s Advanced Employment Issues Symposium, held recently in Las Vegas. Dingee also writes for the blog Fistful of Talent.

As of June 2015, 84% of American adults use the Internet, says Dingee. (Source: Pew Research Center surveys, 2000–2015.) You can’t ignore the implications of that when you recruit.

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“Site:” is the X-ray command, says Dingee, and it is her absolute favorite. It searches the site name you place after it for files with the terms you include in quotation marks. For example, to look for human resource managers in Connecticut, you would enter “human resource manager” “Connecticut,” and that would produce links to the profiles of people who have those two terms on their LinkedIn pages.

You can try it without the /pub too. Experimentation is part of figuring out what sites and what search terms work best for you.

Tips from the Employment Branding Experts

Dingee offers these tips for building your brand online:

  • Coach your employees on building better company-centric profiles. Anyone who interacts with them online is likely to see that profile.
  • Schedule the release of company information with sites like Buffer or HootSuite. Sites like this help to distribute your content on a regular basis.
  • Use Tagboard to find out what hashtags are popular and connect to your interests.
  • Be sure you have a call to action. Where are you sending people? What do you want them to do?
  • Make real people available. Start with a recruiter or HR person.
  • Similarly, Dingee says, skip the stock photos. People spot them a mile away. Use real photos.

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Tools to Make It Fun

Dingee also listed several sites she finds useful. She recommends giving them a try—some will work for you and some will not.

  • Textio: Textio shows you how your job listings will perform before you’ve even published them. Will it be popular among qualified jobseekers? Will the role fill quickly? How gender-biased is your listing? Textio’s predictive models give you analytics and feedback right as you’re typing. Try it at
  • Connectifier: Connectifier uses recruiting intelligence for discovering, qualifying, and connecting with candidates among all recruiting technologies at
  • Vibe: Hover your mouse over any e-mail identification, and get the full information about the person behind that address at
  • Prophet: Find anyone’s contact information. Prophet is a free tool that reveals more information about people. Uncover e-mails, phones, and other social sites for almost any social profile at
  • BullhornReach: Bullhorn Reach is a simple, effective social recruiting platform that enables you to leverage your social media connections to find and recruit the best talent—fast. Harness social media to market open jobs, discover passive candidates ahead of the competition, and empower your employees to help recruit the best talent, all with minimum effort at
  • CrystalKnows: Crystal shows you the best way to communicate with any coworker, prospect, or customer based on his or her unique personality. See what this site can do at

In tomorrow’s Advisor, Dingee offers examples of three companies with a great online recruiting presence. Plus, an introduction to an interactive webinar, LinkedIn for Recruiting: Go Beyond the Basics.