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Interviewers Need to Be Strategic About Their Job Interview Questions

By Kathy Harris, Harris Allied

The interview process is being transformed. Standard interview questions that fail to reveal information relating to an employee’s job performance, or potential “fit,” with an organization are being tossed. Now, more companies are ditching brainteaser interview questions and focusing on the candidate’s past work experience.

strategic interviewing

About a year ago, Google revamped its interview process after eliminating its infamously bizarre, mind-bending brainteaser questions. Instead of asking how many golf balls fit into a plane, today the company’s line of “behavioral interview” questions are intended to elicit information about a candidate’s past work and their own experience. The new process has earned high praise and transformed Google’s hiring processes.

Many of our most progressive clients are well on their way to transforming their own recruiting and hiring processes as they compete for a small, in-demand pool of candidates. As HR professionals focus on creating efficencies in the hiring processes, they create invaluable partnerships with the business. A critical first step is the candidate interview.

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