Don’t Forget to Check in Later in the Onboarding Process

On Friday we heard from Lindsay Sanchez from Kore about how bots can be used to streamline the onboarding process. Today we’ll look at what bots can do at the 30 days-hired-or-more mark.

Thirty days and beyond: The bot continues to act as a timely helper, periodically updating the employee or simply answering questions that don’t require a human. The bot would:

  • Alert the employee of upcoming deadlines like mandatory compliance or sexual harassment training, end-of-year reselection of benefits, or flexible spending account (FSA) usage.
  • Remind the employee of key benefit program dates, such as holiday notices or on-site wellness events and would keep him or her abreast of company offerings.
  • Notify the employee of training opportunities and continuing education, encouraging him or her to be proactive in his or her personal development.
  • Guide him or her through complex personal and 360-degree review processes, helping to keep it top of mind with management.
  • Help find information or answer questions they’d prefer not to ask a colleague, such as looking up employee and organizational charts, company and industry acronyms, cafeteria hours, conference room and office locations, vacation and sick policies, and much more.

A bot will never replace people—nor the systems and processes at the foundation of successful onboarding. But this new employee “ally” can make onboarding systems more usable, HR processes simpler, and human interaction more valuable at a time when employees and businesses desperately need it. Onboarding hits every company’s bottom line, and it’s no surprise that it’s emerging as one of the first real enterprise use cases for chatbots.
Lindsay Sanchez, Chief Marketing Officer, Kore. Lindsay’s unique and deep tech background, coupled with her marketing hat and management of a growing team at Kore, allow her to help both B2B and B2C customers as well as the Kore team integrate bot and messaging technology to improve an array of business processes.