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Talent Engagement is Critical to Combating Skills Shortage in 2018, Says New Report

The Execu|Search Group—a recruitment, temporary staffing, and workforce solutions company—released its 2018 Hiring Outlook: The Impact Of The Growing Skills Shortage On The Employer-Employee Relationship, which provides insights into the factors that professionals consider when making career decisions.engagement

To help employers navigate this evolving employer-employee relationship, the Hiring Outlook offers recommendations for engaging with talent in today’s market; one in which professionals of all generations have the ability to prioritize their needs when making career decisions.

“In search of purpose, personalization, and professional development, today’s professionals are changing the way they look at their careers,” said Edward Fleischman, Chairman and CEO of The Execu|Search Group—in a press release. “Employers who do not adapt to this new relationship risk missing out on top talent and losing their best employees, so our 2018 Hiring Outlook is meant to provide employers with tools for creating a culture that recognizes and nurtures talent.”

Findings of the 2018 Hiring Outlook include:

  • Hiring is becoming increasingly difficult:
    • 69% of employers plan on hiring new staff in 2018—a 13% year-over-year increase.
  • Companies must offer more professional development:
    • Working professionals ranked professional development as the most important element of company culture, yet employers didn’t perceive it to be a high priority for employees.
    • 46% of employees do not think their leadership skills are being developed.
  • Collaboration and transparency are key to retention:
    • “Lack of advancement opportunities” is one of the top reasons employees would leave a company.
  • Professionals aren’t happy with their work/life balance
    • 45% of professionals feel that their company does not promote a healthy work/life balance.
    • 54% of professionals’ career choices are motivated by seeking a healthy work/life balance.

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