33% of HR Hiring Managers Have Turned Down a Candidate for Being ‘Too Pushy’ After an Interview

Workers may be thinking “new year, new job,” according to a survey from staffing firm Accountemps. Approximately three in 10 (29%) professionals plan to look for a new position in the next 12 months. And of the 27 markets surveyed, Los Angeles, California (40%); Austin, Texas (38%); and Dallas, Texas (37%) topped the list of U.S. cities with the most workers planning to find new opportunities.   hiring

Other cities that have the most workers planning to look for new jobs, include:

  • Los Angeles—40%
  • Austin—38%
  • Dallas—37%
  • Denver—35%
  • Charlotte—33%
  • New York—33%
  • Cleveland—32%
  • Miami—32%
  • Phoenix —32%
  • Houston—30%
  • Raleigh—30%

Additional Findings

  • Résumé length is less important. Almost half (46%) of senior managers prefer a 1-page résumé for staff-level candidates, and nearly an equal number (47%) believe 2 pages is an ideal length. Ten years ago, managers were more likely to want just 1 page. For executive roles, half of managers (50%) cited 2 pages as acceptable, while 21% were most receptive to 1 page.
  • The résumé isn’t the only thing employers consider when evaluating potential hires. More than half (56%) of managers said the candidate’s online profile is equally important.
  • Follow-up is expected and appreciated. All HR managers surveyed encourage candidates to check in after submitting a job application. Eight in 10 (80%) respondents said they take thank-you messages into account when deciding who to hire, but HR managers reported receiving notes from only 24% of applicants. The survey also found e-mail is the most common way to stay in touch and send thank-you’s. While following up is key, 33% of HR managers said they have removed a candidate from consideration because they were too pushy after an interview.

“The employment market is favorable for job seekers right now, but candidates still need to put their best foot forward,” said Michael Steinitz, executive director for Accountemps—in a press release of the findings. “While some aspects of the job search have changed over time, others are timeless, like having a concise and compelling résumé, following up with employers after applying for a job, and sending a thank-you note after an interview.”

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