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What You Need to Know About LaaS in 2019 and Beyond

By now, you’ve most likely heard of SaaS (Software as a Service), but have you heard of LaaS (Learning as a Service)? Continue reading to see what you need to know about it.


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What is LaaS?

Experts believe that LaaS will mirror the success of SaaS and cloud-based technologies and approaches, and that the e-learning industry is the industry that will benefit the most from cloud-based services.
Essentially, e-learning solutions will start to come pre-packaged and customized for organizations to use via LaaS. And organizations will be able to pick and choose which components of e-learning solutions they want and don’t want.
For instance, some organizations designing an e-learning course might break up the project into smaller components that are designed and implemented by different e-learning solutions or content creators.

True Learning Ecosystems with LaaS

With LaaS, you’ll be able to have more robust selections for your learners, where they will be able to have more comprehensive course catalogs via cloud-based systems and solutions. Yet, you will still be able to have learning content that is customized for your unique organization with LaaS.
And this will allow your organization to have a more active learning ecosystem, where every department can access and benefit from learning content that is available via your cloud-based systems, at any time, from anywhere.

Multiple Modes of Learning with LaaS

With LaaS, your organization will also benefit from more e-learning content but also have access to more blended learning content, and mobile learning content that allows learners to learn at their own paces when and where they want.
This will increase your overall return on investments in e-learning software and solutions, curriculum development, and content curation, while increasing learner engagement on a wide scale across your organization.

Expanded Offerings

What’s more, with LaaS, you will be able to offer more unique credentials to your learners, more course offerings, mentorship opportunities, access to learning labs, more personalized learner support and career development, and so much more.
Additionally, you will be able to offer more courses and offerings to those external to your organization.
Read When and How to Offer Training Programs to External Stakeholders for more information.

Implement Incentivized Learning

Via LaaS, you will also be able to better incentivize your learners’ experiences with blockchain technology to increase employee engagement, retention, and productivity.
Read How Blockchain Is Impacting L&D Professionals for more details.
Overall, being aware of the importance of LaaS in 2019 and beyond is simply being aware that you must take your current learning management system (LMS) and the systems that it’s integrated with to the next level.

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