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6 Best Practices for Managing L&D Content in 2019

As a learning and development (L&D) professional, you probably already know how critical high-quality and personalized content will be to your L&D strategies and approaches in 2019 and beyond. And to get high-quality and personalized content for your learners, you’ll want to follow the best practices outlined below for managing your L&D content.  


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1. Rely on Cloud-Based Platforms for L&D Content

Personalized learning content will be nearly impossible to manage if you aren’t relying on cloud-based technology in 2019. Cloud-based learning platforms will allow your learners to access content that is tailored to their learning profiles and career trajectories in real time, from any type of device, any time of day or week.
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2. Use AI-Driven Tools to Distribute and Manage L&D Content

Personalized learning content in 2019 will also require tools driven by artificial intelligence (AI). AI-driven tools will help you better manage which learners receive access to what content and when and will do so on an automated basis and according to how you program your tools and platforms.

3. Increase Your L&D Content Curation

There is no way to keep up with the sheer volume of learning content your employees will need or be interested in for their personalized learning experiences if you don’t curate content from reputable third-party sources.
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4. Make All L&D Content Easy to Access

Most, if not all, of your L&D content should be based in the cloud so that it’s easy for employees to access from anywhere and from any device. And employees should also be able to access most of their L&D content on mobile devices and apps, as well.

5. Have Enough Storage Space for Video-Based L&D Content

In 2019, you should be developing, curating, and sharing a lot of video-based L&D content. So, you will need to rely on cloud-based platforms and technology that will allow you to store and share a lot of videos.
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6. Regularly Back Up Your L&D Content Files

Computer glitches and breaches happen all the time, especially now that everything is based in the cloud and accessed through mobile apps and devices. Therefore, in 2019, you’ll want to make sure all your L&D content is backed up in a secure server daily and that files and content aren’t accidentally deleted or lost.
To guarantee that your L&D content is of high quality and highly personalized in 2019, be sure to follow the best practices for managing it, as laid out above.

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