3 Ways AI Can Drive Innovation

Artificial intelligence (AI) has great potential to fundamentally change our world in areas from education and art to military, science, and business, among others. The potential changes are so great that it’s hard to wrap our heads around just what to expect.


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Many commentators have different views on what changes lie ahead. In an article for Forbes, Micha Breakstone shares her perspectives on three ways AI can drive human innovation.

1. Creating Space for Innovation

AI has the potential to perform many low-impact, time-consuming tasks currently performed by humans. Critics of AI argue that this can put many humans out of a job. Breakstone, however, argues that we could also see this as an opportunity for humans to focus on more creative, innovative endeavors.

2. Generating Novel Patterns

“A more interesting case is where AI generates and surfaces novel patterns and designs for humans to engage with,” says Breakstone. She gives the example of chess-playing AI that identified new game lines previously undiscovered by humans.
In other words, AI could serve as a tool to break through some of our intellectual roadblocks, allowing humans to use their own intelligence to further explore certain areas of science and art.

3. Democratizing Creativity

Finally, Breakstone writes that AI has the potential to allow the wisdom, knowledge, and insights of the minds of a relatively few brilliant individuals to be accessed by virtually anyone.
This means that just about everyone would have the ability to leverage those intellectual resources for their own creative endeavors.
AI promises to be a real game-changer in the course of human history. Exactly how and to what extent it will alter our lives remains to be seen, and observers like Breakstone have many different takes on the subject. The key is for businesses to keep an eye on new developments and work to adjust their business models and practices accordingly.
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