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Actionable Tips for Boosting Female Recruitment

In a previous post, we discussed the findings of a recent LinkedIn report that looked at gender differences in the job application process. This report is important because even though women make up the majority of the U.S. population, they are underrepresented in many industries, as well as in leadership and executive positions in particular.


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In addition to the specific findings of differences in job application tendencies between men and women, the LinkedIn report also suggested some actionable steps companies can take to help boost their gender diversity efforts.
Finding: Women are 14% less likely to apply to a job after viewing it compared with men.
Tip: Companies hoping to attract female applicants should get some female insight into their job postings and consider how to make them more appealing to women in order to gain more application parity.
Finding: Men show a 68% likelihood to ask for a referral compared with 32% of women.
Tip: If your company has a diversity initiative, let your employees know about it. They may have a great female candidate in mind they can refer.
Finding: Women are 16% more likely than men to get hired for the jobs they apply to.
Tip: The downside is that women are less likely to apply to jobs than men, as noted above. LinkedIn suggests that women may feel discouraged from showing interest in “riskier stretch opportunities.” A company can help combat this by showcasing successful female employees and leaders in the organization.
Finding: When women appear in recruiter search results, they are 13% less likely to be viewed by recruiters than men.
Tip: This should be addressed like any unconscious bias. Simply making recruiters aware of this statistic can help them catch themselves when they skim over female applicants.
Finding: 68% of women say salary range and benefits are the most important parts of a job description.
Tip: Companies should make clear that they are committed to fair pay regardless of gender.
Companies that are looking to increase their representation of women need to be aware of the differences that exist in how men and women apply for jobs. This awareness can help recruiters identify promising female applicants they may otherwise overlook.

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